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  1. Im a fellow borderline patient so I understand how you're feeling. I'm only 3 week post op. I've sent u a friend request justinejames hope that's ok and hope you're feeling a lot better now
  2. Awesome girls... Thanks heaps for that. Was hoping 6weeks
  3. I have searched and searched and everyone's answers are so different so I'm hoping someone can help. 3 weeks post op with ba...520cc under muscle and was borderline lift. Surgery was at TCI Parramatta and I had Dr Ali. Anyway trying to find some information on when I can start running again, obviously with a good bra. Also during my searches I came across some talk about nipple stimulation during sex is a big no no... Ok now I'm worried haha. Is this true?
  4. I'm borderline and have my consultation Monday and surgery tues for just Ba. Will let u know how I go
  5. I'm following this too. I seem very similar to you elleg and I have decided to go ahead with just Ba even tho I'm borderline. Booked in for surgery with Dr Ali at TCI one week from today so will let u know how I go
  6. Ive been told borderline based on my photos with Dr Ali. I'm an interstate patient and have my surgery 17th march. I've decided against the lift and just the Ba. Will let u know how I go. Fingers crossed!!!
  7. Hi Gisselle and Dee envy... Ii am booked in with tci march 17. Was also told borderline lift from my photos. Going to go ahead with just Ba. Sent you fr hope that's ok
  8. That is awesome to hear thanks. This is the only worry I have had
  9. Thanks so much... Been worries about getting there and being sent back. Especially seeing as tho I'm travelling from Melbourne
  10. Hopefully someone can help me. Quite new to this side and am booked in for a BA with Dr Ali at TCI on 17th March. I am 173cm broad and just about the healthy BMI range. I am athletic but slightly curvy thanks to baby no 2. In the past when I have been happy with my weight I have always weighed near the top of the BMI. I must be big boned haha. I only have a couple of kgs to lose and this will definitely be enough to motivate me to do it but was just wondering if anyone had had problems with TCI due to this as they say they won't operate on anyone outside of the BMI
  11. Amy E... I've sent u a fr also. I'm borderline according to the pics I sent to tci. Decided to go ahead with just ba which is in 4weeks time. Panicking a bit now and hoping I made right decision
  12. Hi do u mind if I Fr u also. I'm also borderline and decided to go ahead without the lift in 4weeks time. So starting to panic a bit. Tia
  13. I'm also new to this. I'm booked 17th march with Dr Ali at Parramatta. Borderline lift but going ahead with normal Ba anyway... So Fingers crossed. Travelling with hubby and two kids under 4...agakn fingers crossed. So I'll apologise in advance to whoever is staying at the Meriton
  14. Hi Boobsneeded I have also sent fr.. I'm booked for Ba march 17 but am borderline lift
  15. MICHOO7 I've sent u a request also if that's ok.. I sound like I'm in the same boat as u and am trying to decide if I get a lift or not
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