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  1. Hi everyone, I have finally decided to start looking into labiaplasty after thinking about it for years! Does anyone recommend any surgeon's in VIC/Melbourne? I have enquired with Jane Paterson already. The only other thing I have been thinking is because I want a BA also at some point, and have been seriously considering Thailand with Comeditour, has anyone had labiaplasty over there? Do you think they would do both procedures at the same time? Obviously waiting until this pandemic is completely over. I'm just nervous as it's a very delicate area and don't want to damage any nerves or anything down there :).
  2. Not yet.. but I think I'm going to start adding them now!
  3. Oh I am so so sorry to hear this and I hope you are ok and feeling a little better. My heart is breaking for you!... I know it's not easy and nothing anyone can say will make it better but take each day at a time and be kind to yourself. Lots of love and strength to you and your family xxx
  4. Congratulations!! That's so exciting and we must be due the same time? I'm not sure if people have noticed that i've been quiet .... I had to cancel my surgery because I found out I'm pregnant also with my first. When are you due? I'm Due Feb 26 so i'm 14 weeks. Has your morning sickness eased up yet? I had shocking morning sickness but it's pretty much gone now :). Also how have your boobs been feeling? (sorry for the personal question) I just found mine so sore at the start I couldn't imagine what it would have been like with implants!! Congratulations again on your exciting news and I hope everything is going well with your pregnancy. xx
  5. Everyone is different, I have a half sleeve and my ribs (from armpit to below my hip). Stupidly ribs was my first tattoo at 18 ( I say stupid because you think i'd try it out my first time with a small piece as this took 10 hours/2 sittings) I found some parts hurt and some parts didn't but the pain isn't really that bad.. depending on how bony you are around there. It's the vibrations that made me feel uncomfortable more than the pain. The pain is more like scratching bad sunburn but if I could go back for a second sitting it's really not that bad. For a name you will be fine it will be over quickly. PS - Do not use numbing cream. Recovery and aftershock is much worse than just dealing with it at the time.
  6. It's sad to hear woman talk so poorly of themselves when you all seem like really lovely beautiful people. I get the whole insecure thing I was the same all through high school, but I got to a point where I was like stuff it. Who cares what I look like. I have a man who loves me and supports me. I have great friends, I have a great job. When I think about the important things, my life and the people in it I actually feel truly blessed and my looks don't even get a second thought. You ladies should really follow this woman and read her online blog, she is a crack up but a real inspiration to the modern day mum/woman! https://www.facebook.com/Constance-Hall-1019711431407015/?fref=ts This is actually one she posted the other day, she's amazing and her confidence is inspiring.
  7. I love them as my natural lashes are horrible (blonde, fine, and barely existant!) The lady that does mine is amazing, she teaches it too. But you need to make sure you go somewhere good as I've been somewhere they used that much glue they all clumped together and ripped all my natural lashes out I looked horrible :(. Make sure they do lash for lash and see before and after pics before you go. I get the volume lashes 3D they are super lightweight compared to the classic but give you a fuller look. I get mine done every 3 weeks, but have gone 4 weeks before no problem as the volume help blend
  8. Clear skincare clinics helped me - never get pimples anymore and I had severe acne all over. SGA treatments and peels is what permanently removed my acne as the SGA treatment destroy's your sebum glands.
  9. Oh wow, that's awesome :). Yeah I'm starting to feel more comfortable. I haven't heard any bad things about any Surgeon's in PIAC. Everyone has been with someone different but they all speak of their surgeon's very highly.
  10. Thank you they recommended Dr Sanguan but I also asked about Dr Narupon as I had seen good things on here
  11. Dr Boonchai Cancelled my appt for next year and I had to change Surgeons. He's cancelled a lot of ladies, Availability of Dr Boonchai for next year is not looking good :(.
  12. Congratulations on your exciting news!! looking forward to hearing updates from you as I would be interested how they change in pregnancy/breastfeeding also. All the best for your pregnancy and motherhood, you must be so excited to meet your bundle of joy xx
  13. Aw that's a shame, at least the children will be there to help a little
  14. **Following** I'm a horse owner and was wondering the same thing. What are you having done? I have been told light riding at 6-8 weeks if your upto it but nothing strenuous (I am already dreading the trotting or canter!). I would say not to pick up feet or anything for quite some time though just incase. As for throwing rugs on, i'd find something to stand on so you don't need to throw so high. I'm lucky my mare is only 15hh haha. Hoping I can do all the basics at least, otherwise looks like the fiance is getting some horse care training (he hates horses lol).
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