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    BL/BR after heavy breastfeeding from 10i breasts, then 15kg weight loss.
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    Dr Miroshnik April 2015
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    168cm/66kg/pre-op/deflated 10g. Post-op/full10DD
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    my boobs! haha

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  1. always wanted to see pics of your before afters rennich.
  2. yes I had anchor as well...and i LOVE my smaller boobs. I love not being defined by big boobs and having them the first thing people look at. I didnt think i would adjust so quickly but i LOVE IT! hahaha I had drains and quite a bit of swelling, but used ice packs for 4 days so had zero pain.
  3. oh gawd...the polar opposite to Dr M's instructions and the way I heal incisions. My post op instructions are micropore 24/7 for 6 weeks, keeping all dressings dry and intact for the first 2 weeks, bird bath the area to decrease them getting wet and blow drying with a cool hair dryer after the shower. NO SOAKING or creams for 4 weeks. after 2 week review i changed the micropore tape every 3 days because it was irritating me, then re applied immediately. The point of the tape is to flatten the scars. After my 6 week appoint the micropore tape was changed to silltape, the silicone tape, which further flattens the scars. every surgeon has different techniques though and they vary a lot even in the hospital setting. I have done a lot of wound training (i am a nurse) and would argue the varying techniques regularly with the surgeons, and then they would agree on the wound specialist nurse anyway lol.
  4. hey danni, well the surgeons kind of lift the boobs as high as they can with a BL because they arent stopping gravity...boobs will always still drop, how fast just depends on how heavy they are, the skin integrity and how well you support them. I posted this at 2.5 weeks and they have gotten a tiny bit smaller since then, i am now at 6.5 weeks. They are still great though
  5. I have just FR you to see how they are now this far along. I just had a BL/BR 6 weeks ago and i was TERRIFIED of the scars but they are so great! I went with Dr M and he is a scar ninja. The nipple scars are already almost invis and the others are so tidy. yay!
  6. It looks like a suture to me, or as Donatella said, a little pocket of dried blood. I had one that looked the same and then a little pokie bit came out and i removed the suture (but I am a nurse remember, so dont do it without a medical degree!). They usually use two types of coloured sutures, blue and black. If the area spreads or grows at all, head straight in to see someone about it as that could indicate something else. Your post was 4 days ago, what does it look like now? btw...the surrounding scaring looks incredible! has your anxiety settled now? you had people worried!
  7. My messages wont load, anyone else having this problem?
  8. Hello there. Because you have DD's and want to go to a B, if you get lipo, you will end up with empty saggy boobs rather than nice small ones. I have just had a reduction, you can read about it in the breast lifts section of the forum. I was a G cup and am now down to a DD. I went with Dr Miroshnik, but I have no advice on who to see in Perth but i am sure lots of girls on here do. If it were me going that small, I would definitely get surgery rather than the other procedures because of the long term outcome. because you are already not very big (compared to most people getting a reduction) the surgery would probably not need to be the most dramatic of incisions such as the ones I had. My surgery had the largest incisions and longest recovery time as a result. I had anchor incisions. I am at 6 weeks now and can do everything again. The first 2-3 weeks are hard and need to be taken easy, but I had next to no pain post surgery. You are welcome to friend me and look at my incisions and before afters.
  9. Oh I was no borderline hahah... I accepted your request, you will see how much i needed a lift. When did you get yours done?
  10. patience dear girl.... the doc knows his stuff. and you REALLY want to avoid stretch marks and rippling! worse case scenario in a year if you want them bigger, your skin will have stretched out more and you can up your size then. Remember that this is a human body and it cant just be changed like magic to the way you want over night, well, not without doing serious damage anyway. My surgery was the opposite of what I wanted,i wanted HUGE implants so I could go back up to a 10i like i naturally was before(but high instead of saggy), but it wasnt an option, so now i have tiny 10DD's(tiny for me), but in the end i am happier than i was, so that is a good thing. Give your body time to adjust to the mass that has been put in, you will see massive changes soon enough.
  11. Okey dokey....I have just posted my first nipple pic of the incisions. They are looking pretty good already at week 4! yay for good surgeons! Have a look the people who have PM'd me previously about them.
  12. Target and cotton on both have them at the moment!
  13. Perfect advice. I am having/have had the same issue with tape. What colour micropore tape are you using? the white or the brown? I find the brown a lot less irritating. But the issue now is that if your skin is irritated, it will be hard to settle while still using the tape. The tape deffo makes for flatter/better scars, but NOT if it is irritating the incision sites to a point of maceration. If the incisions have a good union of the edges, as in, if they have totally come together, then leave it off over night and ask in the morn. If there is any gaping of the incisions then leave the tape on. The shower advice is sound, my skin actually comes away with the tape if i am not SUPER careful. Another trick is to not pull the tape at a 90 degree angle as this will harass the skin more. Try very gently taking the edge of the tape and reversing the tape when removing so you are pulling it (slowly) back along the stuck tape, it pulls less at the skin this way. I have so much bloody experience with this because my body is 80% covered with tattoos and i use this tape in my healing technique so am always struggling with it! (and currently week 4 reduction and trying to manage it now!)
  14. dani666


    Yay so glad its settling for you and your anxiety has settled! and yay for happy boobs!
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