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    had lap band in July 2009, tummy tuck in July 2010, and lift and implants in Dec 2010
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    Dr Chan (lap band/tt) Dr Tim Brown (breasts)
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    164cm, 56.5kg

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  1. so very true, that was my main concern if I went os for surgery thats why I decided against it - yes things can go wrong here but the doctor/surgeon is close by. I would definately be trying for some sort of compensation not sure what they charged you, or if this fixing will be cost free but worth asking. Its also the inconvenience, away from work (if you work), etc. Did the doc say why they thought the scar gave way? well hoping this is the last of it for you now and hoping they stitch you up real good this time (pardon the pun lol). my boobs are all good scars around nipples are not even noticable, and the others are fading also, so really good in that department, blisters scars have all gone, so all good for me. I will see surgeon probably in sept to see if we can lift them a bit more, which I hope to have done in late dec just before chrissy.