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  1. I am also thinking Dr Dona and I want as much as they can fit in me. I have 8 already so a bit more saving for me. Any idea on wait times for Dr Dona?
  2. Omg Sullengirl you have just inspired me to get your size boobies. They are perfect !! Are they a standard implant or ones you have to fill when they are in? and thank you for sharing your photos
  3. I'm in desperate need of advice from girls working towards bigger boobs through multiple BA surgeries. 1st BA a year ago wonderful surgeon DR Duong TCI gave me 485cc. That is the biggest he could fit in me at the time. That got me to a wonderful 12E (playboy bras) but looking at them I definitely want more. I'm thinking half more on top or double that size. They look big in a bra but not so big without. I've also got a wide sternum so I want bigger to give me better cleavage. Can anyone show me some photos of their revision surgeries please. And what size were you able to go for second surgery?
  4. I have my surgery with The cosmetic institute. I had to pay 2 weeks before my surgery. I didn't see my surgeon until the day before my surgery. However I understand you feeling a bit put off because your surgeon is in a different country.
  5. Definitely normal. I tried everything to get rid of my belly but nothing worked. I woke up one day and it was gone. It will go before the 2 week mark
  6. At my 6 week check up my nurse said I can return to exercise but no push ups or chin ups yet. ( nothing that I'm lifting my own body weight )
  7. All of my clothes fit me (even my crop tops / sports bras). I worn a size 12 / medium. Now it's just a better fit.
  8. I was 6 months exactly. I didn't need a lift. I was a straight forward BA.
  9. I had no pain at all but I definitely needed my pillow. The plan is so uncomfortable lol. It just felt nice having something soft to lean against. I didn't sleep but I snuggled my face into the pillow and it felt good. Be careful if you're in the aisle seat because it's hard to get up and down so if someone next to you needs to use the toilet it will be a pain. I reckon go the window seat. Put your pillow against the window. Get a travel sick bag which is plastic (the nurses at TCI will give you one or 2) and make sure you eat something with your medication. You will survive Also you wont be able to reach up or down, so make sure you have water, phone, purse etc on you or in the pocket thingy.
  10. I went as big as possible and I'm just over 6 weeks. My skin is starting to soften but the muscles are still a little tight. I wouldn't worry yet.
  11. I totally agree with you when you say ' I definitely don't miss my old boobs.'
  12. I flew in from Brisbane. I flew on the Monday, consult Tuesday, op Wednesday, flew home Friday (TCI recommends staying in Sydney for 48 hours just in case there are any complications) Flying home I was a little nauseous and a bit dizzy so I carried my sick bag with me. I didn't need it but I felt really seedy the whole way home. Luckily it wasn't a long flight. I think it was the medication that made me feel like this. I didn't have any discomfort with my boobs. I had a pillow with me so I could get comfortable. I have my follow up appointments using Skype because I took out the CC insurance. So I talk to a nurse using the video chat.
  13. OMG so jealous !!! Congratulations on those babies
  14. I was the same as you. Everyone was saying ' they don't look that big '. And I was after big ones lol. They have changed so much and the nurse said they will continue to change for up to a year.
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