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  1. You could try mersyndol instead? I couldn't take the panadeine forte either but merdyndol was fine. Maybe ask someone to go to the chemist and check with the pharmacist for an alternative.
  2. Vaticinal - I had surgery with Dr Ali in July. Happy for u to send me a friend request to see my pics and ask any questions
  3. I don't remember! I think it was around 12 weeks I noticed. Mine are overs tho, so they probably dropped faster than unders because there was no muscle involved.
  4. Mine sit over my crease now at almost 4mths post op. They didn't to start with, the incision was visible but the implant has dropped.
  5. My overs are softer now at 4 mths post op than they were to start with. Seems to happen gradually.
  6. Alcohol dilates blood vessels (increases swelling) and dehydrates (makes you bloated and increases constipation). Probably two things that you don't want happening after surgery.
  7. I'm wearing the Lululemon Ta Ta tamer for exercise and it's great. I have the Panache Cleo bras for everyday and they're the most comfy I've ever worn. could be because I actually got fitted properly too.
  8. I love my overs! Im 13 weeks post op. Cant see or feel the edges. CC can happen with any implant placement at any time so you never know. I stressed about it before my op, now i figure if it happens thats just bad luck. It means i can have a revision and go bigger
  9. I was told not until they are completely healed up. No stitches poking out, completely closed. it was about 5 weeks post op when I started. fyi, a nurse friend of mine told me that the silicon tape works on scars that are years old, so don't worry about starting it too late.
  10. I went to the movies recently and when I took my bra off to go to bed found a collection of popcorn in my cleavage. I've always been a grub but never had anywhere for it to go before
  11. I had the dressings off at 2 weeks PO then used nothing until I started using the silicon scar sheets at 8 weeks PO. I noticed a difference within the first week. FYI a nurse friend told me that the $40 sheets from the Priceline pharmacy work just as well as the brand that sells for $100.
  12. If you think you'd be able to pay it off in 12 months, NAB has a credit card with 0% interest for the first 12 months.
  13. I've got 370cc overs and they look proportionate. And yes they sound big when sized! I got sized today for an underwire bra and said a swear word very loudly when the lady told me!
  14. I think the type of anasthetic or sedation also factors in. I had a general and found it made me incredibly tired and just generally felt awful for at least a week. No way i could have gone back to work at 1 week PO. I think about 10 days PO i could have tho.
  15. The person I talked to seemed to think it was more of a heat or sweat rash than actual acne. She also said to try to give it more air, so I slept with my post op bra loops done up but not the zip to try and lessen the squashing together.
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