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  1. Thank you all for replying and giving your advice!! I have made the decision to see Dr Southwick & Dr Rahdon first for consultations, and if i'm still unsure i'll see Dr Miroshnik in Sydney
  2. So i'm looking to have a breast augmentation soon, and was wondering if anyone has been / knows anyone who has had surgery with Yourbreast? I've heard Greensmith and Southwick are good. I've also heard really good things about Dr Tavakoli & Dr Miroshnik in Sydney, their before/afters are amazing!!! If anyone has any recommendations or experiences (good or bad) on BA plastic surgeons please let me know! FYI - The look i'm going for is slightly out of proportion/augmented look, that "has she/ or hasn't she had them done look". I've attached some boobie inspo of girls who are similar in frame to me xx
  3. Hi! I had septo-rhinoplasty with Dr Ian Carlisle last Wednesday & he just took my cast off & splints out this morning. I could not be happier with the results, he did everything he said he would & my nose looks like my imaging if not better! I’m just so so happy with my result!!!! I was really surprised with how little brushing/swelling I had. Hardly any even though he did break my bones. I did have lots of pineapple the week before & after surgery (contains bromelain which is great for swelling & bruising), I kept my fluids up & took arnica tablets with plenty of rest so that probably helped a lot! Ian and his team made me feel so comfortable the morning of surgery, I had the best care you could ask for! My anasthesiologist was the director of the Anaesthetic Department so I felt incredibly safe and in good hands. Ian’s nurse Kim was there the whole time during surgery & was so good to me! Ian was also available over the phone once I got home if I had any concerns etc! Ian also likes his patients to stay overnight which was great, I had nurses constantly checking on me the whole night to make sure I was okay… I really feel like I wouldn’t have been ready/able to go home day of surgery! I am the biggest baby (thats an understatement!), and the worst part of the experience for me was before surgery where I was incredibly nervous, the needle in my hand after (my hand is still a bit bruised) and the blocked/stuffy feeling for the past week. But there hasn’t been any actual pain which is really surprising, I really haven't needed the endone pain meds that was prescribed for me. Getting the packs & splints out was quite uncomfortable but its over in a hot minute & now I can breathe so well, its amazing! Sorry for the long post, but I felt it was necessary! There was hardly any info/reviews online for Dr Carlisle & if I really would have appreciated a few more reviews before I went in for surgery. P.S. the lady who does the imaging is a little crazy, you’ll know what I mean if you go to see her!! But she does a really good job, the imaging is printed like an actual photo and is extremely realistic, she uses computer program to mathematically get the best angles/proportions for your face, every mm counts… its totally worth the money! Also, if you see any of the other top rhinoplasty surgeons in Melb like Tony Holmes, Steven Klied ect they will make you see Ann from Metamorphics imaging too. They will not operate unless they have the imaging so the patient & themselves are on the same page with the end result. I met with a few other surgeons before seeing Ian who used their own computer generated imaging, but I felt that it looked really weird & not realistic at all!! Feel free to PM me if you want me to show you before/after photos & my imaging, or if you have any questions.
  4. So I'm booked in for septo-rhinoplasty this week with Ian Carlisle, has anyone on this forum had rhinoplasty with him? What was your experience like & are you happy with your new nose? I'm having my bump removed, tip lifted and more defined, and a graft put in the tip as my columella is retracted. The main things I'm nervous/concerned about are that I don't know what to expect in terms of recovery and it I'll be in a lot of pain or discomfort, & I'm worried my splint will come off & I won't like my new nose I'm aware that it takes a few months for swelling to go down. Does anyone have any tips for recovery? I'm planning on buying arnica, drinking lots of water and having Chapstick because apparently your lips get very dry! Thanks! Xx
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