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    BA asymmetry 295/325 or 335/375... pushing for the bigger option!
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  1. BTM

    Botox Not Working?

    Thanks guys. I went to a pretty expensive clinic which only deals with cosmetic injectables ... 48 units later and i am still frowning. It was also done over an 8 week period, so I can only assume that the product was good? I havent tried anything else - very new to the anti ageing injections.... but a bit freaked out now!!! I will look into other products and ring around. Thanks for your help!
  2. BTM

    Botox Not Working?

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue? I have had botox for the first time - first lot was about 8 weeks ago, after 2 weeks there was still plenty of movement so I got topped up to a total of 28 units for my frown line. After another 2 weeks, no change... my dr has advised that a small percentage of individuals have an immune response to botox which means that it just doesn't work. She gave me another top up (total now 48 units) but her opinion was that it won't do anything. Anyone else had this issue or know what my options are?
  3. Fantastic advice ladies - thanks so much! I have been wearing & washing the same bloody compression bra for weeks now - ill be pleased to see the back of it! I did wear a berlei wirefree sports bra the other day, for the day, and it was great but i was pleased to be out of it by the end of the day. Ill look into the options above. Can't wait to be able to go with underwire in 5 weeks! Im a 10D now but i think ill be likely to go to 10C once all the swelling has gone? Thanks again!
  4. Hi! Im 5 weeks PO, my surgeons instructions were compression bra for 6 weeks, then wirefree for another 4. Anyone have any advice for a great wirefree bra thats comfortable but also doesn't look like a chastity bra??! Im sick of wearing higher neck tops and would like to show off my new look a little better! Any advice would be very appreciated. Thanks! x
  5. BTM

    Dr Edward van beem

    4 weeks out from Tony Connell and think he's done a wonderful job. Suit my frame perfectly. I have heard good things about Ed Van Beem as well.
  6. I was a 12 AA (or A - who knows I only wore crop tops!). I have had 295/325 (asymmetry) natrelle anatomicals placed. I am only 2 weeks out but am very happy with my size. It suits my frame well, in clothes you'd think I always had these and out of clothes I just love them! Have a look at my pics if you like - note that I am only 2 weeks out of surgery so still not the final result.
  7. Absolutely - I am 2 weeks out now and just starting to pick up my 22 month old again. My mum had him at the beginning so I had 3 nights without him which was very worthwhile. After that, we managed fine. My 4 & 6 year olds were no problem at all and very understanding.
  8. Hi Miss S, I have a similar history to you, the only difference being that I have never been super confident with my boobs! Plastic surgery was a first within my family. I am 2 weeks post surgery and i can honestly tell you that I am so glad I had it done. I had very modest implants (295/325 for asymmetry) put in and anyone who knows that ive had it done has said how well they suit my body shape. They have not 'settled' yet but I already feel so different. Sex was a very similar issue for me and i can honestly say it has changed the way I am able to relate to my body. I thoroughly recommend that you visit a surgeon and have a chat to them, I honestly think it will change your life.
  9. My BA was last week, I was in theatre for 50 minutes.
  10. Go bigger - its not that much of a difference and you'll just end up wondering afterwards! I asked the surgeon to fit the largest he could in my breast pocket, he tried a sizer for the larger and said it just was not going to work... can you leave it to the surgeon to try 'in situ'?
  11. Best of luck to you & fingers crossed everything is perfect this time. x
  12. Yes thats seems late in the piece? Did you have a heavy day lifting yesterday?
  13. Update from me - I'm about 10days post op and completely back into mummy mode. Loving these boobies more & more everyday. So so pleased I went ahead! Im in Perth though and it's hot... never knew cleavage sweat was such a big deal!!! Ill try to get a surgery story up soon, i must say to anyone reading this who hasn't had it done... do it! Its so not a big deal and I was only really out of action for 7 days. Once i past the 7 day mark it was as if the bulb switched back on. Still can't lift anything too heavy or mop/etc. But i'm happy to let that go for a little longer! A haircut & new boobs and I'm a new woman! Hope everyone else is recovering well
  14. Oh i know just how you feel - i felt a little like that myself after surgery. But after seeing so many other people, i think patience is the key - its hard to get a true perception of what they will look like with the swelling - it all looks similar! have faith that your surgeon won't let you down! Another thing that made me realise was after my 1 week appt when the surgeon said its not like going shopping - you have your limit for what fits you. Unless you're after a highly enhanced look. Anyone whos seen me now make the comment that they don't look huge but they in perfect proportion to me. So dont stress!!!
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