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  1. Hi Kerry Ok, going against the grain here lol but it does sound like a large implant for your stats.... However, depending on what your BWD is, you may need it for your frame... What size were you hoping to end up? Did you feel the sizers were too big for you? You do get used to them surprisingly quickly once they're in
  2. Thank you I reckon they look kinda fake in that pic... They look completely natural & you'd never know they were implants Have accepted your FR
  3. Polyurethane has been used in medical devices here for years. Pacemakers & blood vessel grafts, for example.. And there is no cancer risk as I have heard floating around here before
  4. Oh & removal is not a problem if your surgeon is experienced with them... Dr Fleming has a video on his YouTube account of this if you want to check it out
  5. Hey again Jena Gecko is right, Brazilians are a silicone implant with a polyurethane coating (Brazilian is just a nickname for them) made by Silimed. The coating has proven to reduce capsular contracture to 1-2%... They do adhere to your tissue on implantation so chance of rotation (only really a concern for teardrops) is pretty much nil... (One of the reasons I chose Braz) & also another reason any ladies opting for them must chose a surgeon experienced in using them...... Now, what I wanted to mention is I think some people are under the impression they don't move at all! Lol not true! While they do take longer to soften than others, they can still be pushed together etc I did have some pics of this in my old albums cuz I wanted to show that they do move lol but lost them in the forum upgrade & haven't uploaded them again cuz it's a pain in the ass doing it, basically lol But, it's totally a personal decision, some people love them, others not so much lol Are you getting smooth or textured?
  6. Hi chiwee They get 'pointier' (for want of a better word ) as the profiles go up, so, low profile are widest & flattest, mods a bit more, high profile a bit more & extra high profile will project the most... All depends on your chest measurements on what profile & size will fit best... I would say high profile is probably the most popular but also have to remember that different implant brands have different measurements, so what might be high in one, is moderate in another...
  7. Nawww that's exactly how I felt walking out of my first consult with him, he's awesome I doubt you will find an unhappy Harwood girl I'm sure he would've explained why he chose the 'nuance' style? They have an oval base rather than round base so better if you have a short distance from nipple to crease. Libby, your signature says you have 'natural' style?
  8. Hey raachell The girls are right, TGA is Australian & FDA is USA.... Personally, I wouldn't worry about what they are using over there lol Up until recently (in the last year or so, I think?) the US only used round implants... (Wtf?!) They approved the Silimeds (although they are Sientra over there if I remember correctly?) & they are the shaped implants they use (doesn't include polyurethane coated implants though AKA Brazilians) not sure about other brands since then, but I thought it was quite strange that they only used round implants... I don't know why some people think they are superior to us...
  9. Just posting to let you all know that Mrs B is no longer using the forum Which is a shame, she was a great asset
  10. Hey Kiera Yeah, I had them too..... This is a thread I posted & what the doc said about it - http://www.plasticsurgeryforum.com.au/forums/showthread.php?2977-Mondor-s-cord-anyone I can't remember exactly how long they took to go but I didn't put anything on them, just let them be.
  11. Hello I have implants in the 200cc range (yes, we are a rare breed lol) but, you do notice the cc's on smaller frames... My BWD is only 10.5 so I couldn't go huge if I wanted to... Yes, I am happy with them & think they are big enough for my frame (but, I was aiming for natural & proportionate) If you're not quite happy, get some more opinions Send a FR if you like
  12. Yeah Kashka, I think it's all about your body.... We can do things to help prevent CC, (low rate CC implants, massaging smooths etc) but no one is 100% safe from developing it. I don't believe that it has anything to do with your surgeon either.... How can you blame them if you develop CC 10 yrs down the track? I, like probably most people, used to think that you could only get it in the early healing stages but we know that isn't the case & it can develop years after surgery...
  13. I found the link for anyone who's interested Warning if you're squeamish tho lol I think the most important thing with Brazilians is to choose a surgeon who has experience & specialises in using them
  14. Wow, that sounds nasty..... Who did this happen to? I have never heard of this happening before.... Thought it was just a myth or Drs talking patients out of Braz by telling them they are hard to remove..... I have watched a video on youtube of Dr Fleming removing a Brazilian implant in literally under one minute lol Ladies, in my research here, I wouldn't choose textured purely thinking you won't get CC with them... There was a study posted here a while back & the CC rates in textured & smooth weren't greatly different.... They were originally designed to lessen CC however I don't think they make a lot of difference - there have unfortunately been a few girls on the forum who have developed CC with textured implants
  15. Hi MsVonTeese We are pretty much the same size I got 230/250cc & am a full C/sml D.... Were you not happy with how the 250cc sizers looked?
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