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    Had a breast augmentation consultation end of 2015 but having second thoughts on surgery now (again!).
    Zoom teeth whitening July 2016
    Hope to get a gum lift and veneers but found out i will need braces to fix my bite first :(
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  1. In regards to flights, if you want cheap ones then I'd go on the mailing list of airlines you like and then you'll get their emails when there are specials ( like Jetstar has its Friday Fare Frenzy etc). then if you see somewhere interesting just book it and figure out the rest later. If you have somewhere specific you'd like to go then early bird prices are best, for example we bought tickets in (I think it was) November for August flights to Europe the following year with Qantas and they were close to half the price of flights had we waited a few more months. I have never booked through a travel agent but if I didn't want to spend literally hours and hours researching then I would say they are worth it. TripAdvisor (especially! seriously best sight ever) and Lonely planet are great sources of information. Don't forget once you're over there you dont want to be wasting time researching how to get from A to B or what sights to see. My preference is to choose the main places i want to travel to, book some organised day tours or tickets to events i definitely want to attend but try and leave a few days between concrete itinerary items so you have flexibility if you want to spend more or less time somewhere. As for destination suggestions, Vietnam is amazing!! cheap, safe and culturally and geographically stunning. oh one more thing (to finish off this novel I've just written you, sorry! lol) check with your credit card if it has free travel insurance included, I know most platinum ones do.
  2. http://www.thedollhousexoxo.com.au/catalog/category/view/s/evening-dresses/id/12/ The doll house has some beautiful dresses, they have a store in Sydney (and Melbourne i think) not sure about other locations. I went to the one in Sydney and they have a great range but quite expensive, one i tried on was gorgeous but about $900. Also Sheike has some great formal and evening gowns. They only seem to stock a handful of floor length ones at a time but they have some gorgeous ones and are pretty cheap ( $150 - $350 ish). Those two shops would be my first stops for evening gowns. I find department stores like Myer and David jones have either really boring evening dresses or they cost thousands of dollars.
  3. 81% , much harder than I thought! especially ones with clothes on were tricky
  4. I'm following this post! I'm also after a botix injector in Melbourne. I saw another post last week I'll see if I can find that. I think Laser Clinics Australia was mentioned but not sure which one. This was the post but yeah it doesn't actually specify who to go to sorry
  5. @EmT This is my dilemma! I've wanted to get my boobs done for about 10 years now. But I keep chickening out, one day I'm confident and think yep I'm going to do it, then the next day I keep thinking "what if something goes wrong, etc etc". I just don't know if I'll ever be brave enough to take the leap and that upsets me. Everyone I know who has had them done say it's the best decision they've ever made.
  6. Zoom whitening

    Thanks Jane! I have never suffered from tooth sensitivity before. I ended up taking a second endone that night and I managed to fall asleep after a few hours. My teeth felt perfectly fine the next morning though, no pain or sensitivity at all! So I'm relieved it's all over, just those several hours after the procedure were excruciating!
  7. @lisba , I'm in Melbourne too. I went with gynecologist Dr Debra Neesham at Frances Perry House (Royal Women's Hospital). I was under a general anesthetic but she's really experienced and lovely. I'll be going back to her when i need it replaced.
  8. Personally, I would consider any one-on-one meet up with a guy, for the purpose of getting to know him to possibly start a relationship/hook up with, as a date. If the intention is to get to know him as just a friend then I'd say it's just drinks. I think it's all about the intent
  9. I hope it all goes well and the Mirena works for you too. I was a bit freaked out after reading some of the awful reviews but I'm so glad I gave it a shot because it works so well for me. Good luck with it all!
  10. I had the mirena put in just over a year ago and I'm in love with it!! I used to get the heaviest periods where I'd sometimes have to change tampon every hour, and really bad period pain where all i could do all day was lay in a hot bath or with hot water bottles to make the pain bearable (on top of painkillers!). Id have that awful pain for about 1.5 days then average pain for another day or 2. Now my period is pretty much non existent, just a bit of spotting every month. no way near enough to even wear a tampon, just panty liners. and no pain! well actually, my first period with it in was reeaally painful but after that they were less and less heavy and no pain. However, within the first 6 months i had very sudden extreme pelvic pain that lasted for about 5 minutes, but only on three occasions. I have polycystic ovaries so maybe it was a cyst bursting or something. but no pain whatsoever in the last 7 months. I had it inserted under a general anesthetic whilst i was having an operation on one of my ovaries so can't give any feedback on what it's like. My skin and weight haven't changed either. So yeah, I love it!! Best thing I've ever done lol i know it sounds dramatic but to go from having periods rule my life to now not getting any is just unbelievable, I wish I'd done it years ago.
  11. If you're concerned you could always ask to stay overnight and pay the extra? I want to stay overnight after i get my ba done, just for peace of mind knowing the nurses will be checking up on me through the night
  12. Must be the year for braces! I went for a consult about getting a gum lift and veneers and found out I will need braces first too! my teeth are all straight but the bottom front ones are wearing away the insides of my top front ones
  13. Zoom whitening

    So i had zoom teeth whitening done today for the first time and it was seriously the most painful thing I've ever done. I've taken panadols, nurofen and now an endone and still no relief! Ive only ever had to take 1 endone for operations in the past but i might have to take two for this. my teeth are so much whiter but the pain is incredible. I'm sure not everyone would react this way but my suggestion to anyone getting it done would be to try and get a prescription for some really strong painkillers in advance.
  14. Hi @jstev7 , You might find this topic really useful, it shows the huge changes that take place from before and after d&f.
  15. Hi everyone, Does anyone have a recommendation for a good cosmetic dentist in Melbourne? I'm wanting a gum lift and veneers on my top teeth. Craving that Hollywood smile Thanks in advance for your input! :-)
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