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  1. Has anyone had this procedure done before? I have flat cheeks and that tends to make my nasolabia folds appear more noticeable. I've had a 1ml done before however it didn't really make much difference. Where's the best place to go and how many mls??
  2. go see Molly from Brisbane Cosmetic Clinic, she's amazing!
  3. Hi all, I had an open rhinoplasty coming up to 3 years, and only on one side is the scar extremely visible. Is there anything that can be done, does laser work? Has anyone had a similar experience?
  4. Hi all, I have primary rhinoplasty done in January 2013, although I'm reasonably happy with it and it's an improvement on what I previously had, it's still not "perfect". What concerns me is the tip is still a bit bulbous, the septum hangs a little low, my scar is visible and my nostrils are more visible than before.. My question is, has anyone had revision rhino and been 100% happy? Who are the best surgeons in Australia for this procedure? Or is there a way I could alter the shape with fillers etc? Does taping help change the shape? Thank you!!
  5. Hi all, I'm looking at getting a BA this year. I've already had a consult with Luke Stradwick but didn't feeling too comfortable. Who would be the best person to perform this surgery in the Brisbane/Gold Coast area? Can anyone please share their experience or photos? I'm so lost when it comes to finding the "right" surgeon? Thank you!
  6. Could you please recommend anyone in Sydney/Melb etc?
  7. Hi all, I had my first rhinoplasty in January 2013. The results are fine, however I'm wanting to fix the tip more (it's still slightly bulbous, wanting it more refined). Along with this, I'm wanting to get a BA. Can anyone please recommend surgeons in the Brisbane/Gold Coast area that are known to perform these two procedures?
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