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    Breast implants :)
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    Dr Chatpong 13/03/2015
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    159cm 50kg 10A
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  1. Hey guys, im nearly 5 weeks PO, and have put on 3kgs ! And feeling constantly tired and run down, probably just me being lazy. Anyone else feeling blahhh ?
  2. Hi all ! Been ages since ive postes, been busy getting boobs !! I went to Bangkok Dr Chatpong through CosMediTours. He recomended up to 385cc but when i got there only let me go 300cc max cause of small chest width. Was devo at first but now 4 weeks post op and im so stoked. Got 300cc under muscle High profile textured round. Im 159cm 51kgs. Before surgery i was litterally like an omlette with a saltanna as a nipple ! So flat. Loving boob life. Been super tender and had ups and downs with pain, worriing myself with all the problems that could happen ! Plus i have two kids one of which is only 1year old so ive had to pick her up a bit... How do i post pics ?? Hope all you March ladies are as happy as i am Finally feel like a woman !!! xx
  3. I got my information folio in the mail the other day! All is confirmed, payed for and ready to go !!! Arhhhh need the next couple of weeks to hurry along boobies boobies boobies
  4. Hey girls. I'm heading to Bangkok early March and just getting my packing organised. I've been trying to do some research about the bras afterwards. I know you have to wear the one they give you but I also thort I could wear a sports bra or something also and it would act the same. But I read somewhere that wearing a sports bra could push the implants closer together, maby resulting in them touching ?!!? And anyone have some ideas of what to do in Bangkok cause I have two days before surgery to occupy myself but don't want to wonder to far, scary on my own !
  5. I'll have to go have another look for those shorts, definetly want to be comfy. Good idea ! I'm from Butler. Northern suburbs Perth. You kind of a stone throw away
  6. I brought a couple of boob tube stretchy dresses from Kmart today, 10bucks, cheap as chips :-) Also goin to pack some face flannes to pop on the freezer then pop on boobies, read it's nice for swelling. So glad I'm starting to pack now so exciting, and an excuse to go shopping hehe! I'm so looking forward to just relaxing afterwards Need to find a good book !
  7. Aww cool, I wish I was taking my kidlets, gonna miss them heaps. Your kids will have a ball chillin in the pool. I think I'll just do that too then, thanks man.
  8. Oh my gosh you guys are all prepared so well, I thort I was too eager to prep so soon but No im getting my shite together now :-) !! Yay YAY! This is a nice short month too so its going to come around quick eeeeeek I can not wait to be super confident ! Question?-- I got the Surgical guraentee insurance type thingy, like if something goes wrong you go back and they fix for free ect. But has anyone got special normal travel insurance ? If that makes sence ??? Cant find anywhere that does Medical Tourism Travel Insurannce. I aslo paid my final payment $5050 ! Cosmeditours Cant believe how close it is YAY YAY YAY !!!
  9. Changed my plans Ive now booked through Cosmeditours, Bangpakok9 March 13th Dr Chatpong !!! CAN.NOT.WAIT :-)
  10. Yep, that's right. Spoke to them today and feel better! I'm going ahead and booking with them for 13th March. This is def a very good forum
  11. Damn every time I start to feel confident with this company something else bad pops up I might look into Cosmeditours
  12. I'm heading to Bangkok TRIA March 12th ! Through destination beauty. Any others be there around that time ???
  13. Hey Belamb, I'm also going through DB with Dr Kanit, I couldn't find no info on him either! But just saw on a post on this page some ladies talking about him. Apparently he's new to DB do a search. I'm booked in for March so ill definetly let you know how I go
  14. Oh wow yay I found this. I am booked in for March 2015 and also hadn't found much info on Dr Kanit. Super super excited now
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