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    Breast Augmentation in Phuket, hoping to be a large D (some D's look really small) round textured under the muscle - still deciding on profile.
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    Dr Boonchai 27/6/2015
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    156cm, 50kg, 10A
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    Lingerie Boutique Assistant
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  1. Hi ladies, so I need help in making a difficult decision. I had my BA with Dr Boonchai 325/350 HP through the armpit just under a year ago. However, my implants have not dropped (the have not dropped into the lower part of the boob and you can see the top of the implant meaning I can't wear strapless bras or tops because they just slide down) PIAC have reviewed my case and have offered me free revision surgery Dr Boonchai has offered discount surgery at 4K and, the last option is spending 12k on dr Miroshnik in Sydney (a bit much as I am a student but would save up just to have that peace of mind) what would you ladies do in this case? Would you let the same dr do your revision? help me! Big decision!
  2. So today is 5 days post op and I'm amazed how well recovery is going! Yesterday was my first full day out for like 10 hours. Usually I would feel nauseas and tired but it was good only towards the end did my chest muscles start to hurt. I was given tramadol but it makes me sick and icky so I just have that when I go to sleep with my sleeping pill. i know many of you are sleeping up right, but dr B said I could sleep on my back or my side.. Is this the same with you ladies? My check up is on Monday the 6th, and he said to not massage until then - also just double checking this you guys.. Don't want to ruin drop and fluff my waterproof bandages were starting to come off and because they're in my armpit, I went to the international clinic on beach road so they could clean and cleanse. The ladies were so nice and it cost me 500 baht. ive also bought one of those crochet crop tops to wear because I feel they give me the same support as the mumma bra a little bit! I just find the weather is so hot and humid that it's more comfortable to wear the crop top if I'm going outside but! I wear the bra as much as I possibly can!
  3. Thank you ladies! My boyfriend is getting a little annoyed cause every time i look in the mirror I'm like Wah! But I'm reassuring myself, so thank you for your comments @alex_xx i brought 5500 aud cash and paid at PIAC with it, they follow the Bangkok bank exchange rate so pretty much the same rate everywhere else. Currently staying at the Novotel resort and it's beautiful! But.. It's on a mountain (10 minutes less from Bangla road) and I have to climb up a really steep slope to get to my room but they have cars that can take you up the hill haha x
  4. So yesterday morning I had my consult and surgery with Dr Boonchai. It was such a pleasant experience and he is so lovely! Of course a bit clinical in his approach but does have a little bit of a giggle here and then and he definitely makes sure you know all that you need to. i decided upon 350s textured, round, unders and endoscopic transaxillary (through the armpit). I didn't want my boobs to have scars on them and Dr B said he can achieve better placement! Although it is longer recover especially combined with under the muscle, he said it's the scar that will be more important. Trying on the sizers were fun! I have a very small diameter so even 325 was pushing it but he gave me 350cc to try on and they were so much better than I chose them even though he said there would be a little bit of a risk. My boobs are also uneven so that means 325 in my bigger boob and 350 in my smaller boob. The nurses were so lovely and sweet. However in the operating room I was waiting on the table for a while, doctor wasn't in yet then one of the ladies said to take a deep breathe which I didn't understand what for until I realise it was the anaesthetic! I little warning would have been appreciated but I'm not really bothered Got back to my room and just in and out of sleep for the whole day. I tried to drink and eat but would vomit each and every time. My chest also felt like someone was sitting on it, breathing is a little bit difficult and you don't realise how much you use your chest muscles! Crazy. My boyfriend had to take me to the bathroom and feed me etc. Today is my 2nd day post op and I feel better but still really really sore. I had my drains removed and I was expecting it to be really painful as many of you girls said but not at all! I got to go home and just chilling in my room with room service and my boyfriend. He's been super good, I've also cried a few times but I'm not sure why. Also a few tips, if you have acrylics it might be better to get them removed in Australia. I went to Jungcylon and at a proper 'salon' it was going to cost 40/50 aud. in Australia, it costs about $20 so I found somewhere else that removed them for much cheaper but I was literally there for 2+ hours with her wrapping my nails in nail polish remover and tin foil and trying to scrape it off! Get a really good back massage because of all the sleeping up right you're going to be doing! And i recommend buying a posture support pillow from Target, costs lik $10 and it's the best thing ever! P.S I know it's only 2 days post op but... My boobs are really high and pointy and I know they're swollen but I'm wondering with D+F they will get bigger? Or I dunno! And had dr B ever measured you as a cup size when you tried on your sizers and you ended up being much smaller? Thank you ladies! I'll keep you up to date on my progress x
  5. I know many of you on here have had crease incision but for the ladies who have gone through the armpit - can you tell me more about your recovery? Like how long did it take you to go back to work/doing activities that require lifting or just arm strength? etc etc I work as a waitress and i want to know what the recovery process is like so i know how much time i should take off work Thank you ladies! XXXXXXXXX p.s. Thats meant to say TRANSAXILLARY not endoscopic
  6. Hey lovely ladies! So i have my surgery with Dr Boonchai on the 27th of this month but im wondering how would i find out my final cost so i know how much to bring? On my surgery attachment they sent me, my estimate was 115,000- 145,000 in thai bhat. And what do you ladies recommend as the best payment method? Not set on profile but im going under the muscle, round no bigger than 400cc - if you've had something similar to me how much were you quoted or how much did you end up paying? Thank you ladies!!
  7. d3llsy

    June 2015 Girls

    Im on the 27th with Dr Boonchai :-) Exciting times!!
  8. hey girls!! I was wondering if any of you had Dr Piyapas for a BA and have photos of his work.. if so, could send you a FR pleaaaassee? Also, any reviews at all would be wonderful xx
  9. laaadiess!! i need help, so ive been looking at some BA photos and some look round (but turn out to be teardrop) and others dont look as full at the top (and turn out to be round) im confused... i dont see much of a difference. Also, with little breast tissue and going under the muscle, what would you ladies recomend? im driving myself insane... oh! and also smooth and textured... what difference does it make?
  10. Hi Hun, im still in the process of researching too, but Dr B ive heard is a boob god, i can send a before and after to you if you'd life (i was sent one from PIAC), the other two i havent heard of but have a look at Dr Piyapas.. he is meant to be amazing too. Piac don't offer smooth implants (which is where Dr B is).. do you know what else you want to get a part from cc's? x
  11. I've just been quoted 4,520 for round and 5700 for tear drop (500ish per inverted nipples) at PIAC with Dr Thanakom... do you guys think this is expensive? you've all been quoted much lower than me :'( this is for 300-400cc under the muscle, breast fold incision x
  12. Thanks ladies for the heads up, Im still considering Global Health Travel if you have any reviews on that company please share but i was literally just on RBG about to send something through but im so thankful for this forum, saved me in the long run <3
  13. Hi gorgeous ladies!! I'm starting to get the ball rolling with my BA (nothing feels worse than having a goal and not making any moves to bring it closer) and i came across Dr. Pongsakorn Eamtanaporn. Watching his videos on youtube i feel like he is such a sweet and gentle soul, and some reason am drawn a little to him but i wanted to know if any ladies out there have had him as your surgeon?? xxx
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