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  1. Thanks! Staying at Burasari before our surgery..looking for something a little quieter After 5 stars for the service and facilities..onsite restaurants..amazing room service..and comfy beds! Not the views Oh I read about the "massive hills"! thats what turned me off that place! Good to know that it's fine Thanks for the replies ladies xx
  2. Thanks ladies I'm really torn between Centara Grand in Karon and Katathani in Kata! Has anyone stayed at both by any chance? Just really after a 5 star resort, on the beach..somewhere REALLY nice where the service is amazing..
  3. Actually I don't know what I'm talking about :/ I looked on google maps and the street looked a bit far from the beach...but now I've looked them all up, they all look the same distance lol
  4. Whoops just realised Centara isn's RIGHT on the beach (pretty sure anyway?)...so that ones out
  5. Thank you all so much for your replies! I definitely want to be right on the beach..I'm not going with hubby though, going with my best friend I'm thinking stay in Patong until surgery and then head down to Kata or Karon (not sure?! either or..) for the rest of the time to relax while recovering. I think we'll get there and then allow 2 full days to do fun things before our surgery....we both have 2 young kids so can't be gone for too long At the moment I'm thinking maybe Burasari and then Avista Resort, Katathani or Centara Grand..thanks to the recommendations
  6. Yeah I think that's a good way to do it! I reckon I'll do the same! Sort of get my head around the place before I go into surgery Minx I realised you just had your surgery with Dr Boonchai! How was it?! I'm getting my BA & BL with him too at this stage. Hope you're recovering ok! I was looking at the Centara Grand last night, looks amazing!
  7. Ok I feel like they must definitely be rounds then haha thanks!
  8. Thanks ladies, some more places to look into. I have about 50 tabs open on my lap top with different hotels and different search engines haha I'm frazzled! I have to be there for 16 days post op....should I allow a full day off after arriving there to then have surgery on day 2? Or would the next day be fine? I'm just trying to figure out if I need to book 17 or 18 days accommodation. Do you also recommend going to a couple different places? I was originally thinking we would just stay in the one hotel but now I'm not sure! It's a fair while and we could get bored?
  9. Hey girls!! My surgery isn't even booked yet, but I'm heading over to Phuket in April or May next year. I've never been and am looking at accommodation now! Where did you all stay? Any recommendations on hotels? Hubbies been and he reckons I should definitely stay in Patong Beach.. It just has to be close enough for PIAC to do all the transfers..and I'm thinking minimum 4 stars Thanks heaps x
  10. Oh ok so its not just me not getting them! I thought I was being thick not being able to fix the settings haha
  11. Ohh that's great to hear I've gone ahead with Somnio Thanks!!
  12. Rounds ok haha jeez I really have on idea! Ugh another question, do you all get a notification when someone responds on your thread? I don't, I have to actually go back into my thread and check if theres been any replies..I would think I should get the little red thing in the notification bar, but I only get that if someone quotes me
  13. Hey ladies! Are these tear drops or rounds?? I love how they sit..just not sure what they are..thinking tear drop?
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