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  1. Mine was pretty fast because I don't think many people booked in over Dec and Jan. Mine was on a Monday but I guess it depends which surgeon you go to, I would say they have specific days for the longer procedures and book the smaller procedures on other days. I think the surgeons do procedures on Gold Coast too so might just be the day they are at Windsor....... April will be here before you know it, I would recommend (if you don't already) get in to really healthy eating and exercise habits, it will help when your body is healing. Hope it all goes well, check in when you're done
  2. how exciting! I wanted to have my surgery when I had a quiet time at work and no kids around so I booked in about 6 weeks after my consult, but they had spaces available in 3 weeks. I agree with doing it all at once, originally I wasn't going to do my tummy because it's not too bad but then I thought if everything else looks great and I still have my little podge I wouldn't be happy! The wounds on my tummy, back and hips are pretty much gone, they just look like mozzie bites now, the only scars you can really see at the moment are the ones on my outer thighs and I do hope they disappear entirely. So, I have 4 on each thigh, 4 on my tummy and 4 on my back (upper and lower flanks they call it). Look forward to your update.
  3. Chubby mummy, how did your consult go? Did you book in? I guess the majority of the swelling was gone about the Middle of week 2 but because you have the garment on its not really noticeable from the outside. Around my knees and my lower back were the worst. Now I think I still have a little swelling everywhere but they say it will continue to get better over the next 3 months. It really is not bad at all and I'm now halfway through week 3. In terms of feeling normal, until I get this garment off I don't think its possible :-) but by the start of the second week I was able to do pretty much everything without pain so I suppose that's kind of normal. The pain is very localised and really only when you press on the areas and it's completely bearable just like you've done a really hard workout. Take care of yourself in recovery though and do everything the doc says, I have been taking bromelaine and arnica Montana to help with swelling and bruising and def do the massages, they are great! good luck
  4. Hi mummyof2, great story! Caterpillar, I actually had my first massage today and it was awesome, she said I have a very high pain tolerance because she put it on fairly firm and it was really ok, felt great afterwards. She told me I still have a fair bit of swelling so I was pretty excited to think it's going to look even better than it does now. I am around 58kg so this was about getting rid of the lumps and bumps that wouldn't go away through diet and exercise. I am so happy with the results, I have a lovely smooth but still curvy shape and can pretty much wear anything I like. I am still wearing the suit but only for 4 weeks so I get to take it off for good in a week and a half, can't wait! I looked at my photos of my neck and am surprised that there is actually a noticeable difference to my profile, subtle but it's there! My incisions have pretty much healed but are a little noticeable on my outer thighs, like little cuts, I hope this gets better, I still have a fair amount of bruising on my inner thighs but it is only 16 days post op so I guess that's to be expected. I'm going out tomorrow night so got permission to take the garment off for a couple of hours, I think it will feel very strange. I read heaps of articles and blogs etc. about lipo before I had this done and I really was expecting a lot worse for my recovery especially having so many areas done.....so I am very happy. I'm looking forward to seeing the texture of my skin after the bruising is gone, so far I don't notice any irregularities except where the garment digs in to my sides. Having the lipo has made me even more determined to stay fit and healthy, there's no way I'm wasting this! Not too long till I can get back to the gym. Best birthday present ever :-)
  5. Yeah, I think I start that tomorrow. Scared it's going to hurt! 10 days post op today and I'm feeling really good, starting to get easier to do things without pain, getting in and out of bed and sitting for long periods isn't great but I think it's mainly the garment. My tummy looks s bit swollen still and I can't suck it in like I used to, I wonder if that's normal......
  6. I'm not wearing the chin strap during the day, I havent told anyone, i don't think anyone has noticed yet, if they have they haven't said anything :-) I think it will be hard to keep secret from close friends and family but I would rather not tell them.
  7. I am sorry to hear of your bad experience, I guess I am still in the early stages of recovery but hopeful all will continue to go well. Went to work yesterday but it was very uncomfortable, spent most of the day standing! I'm starting to notice a bit more bruising on the lower areas and planning on booking in for massage this weekend which will be almost 2 weeks post op, the thought of massage at the moment is scary as it does still hurt if I apply pressure. I'm allowed to remove the chin strap now but have decided to keep it on as much as I can for another week, just for good measure :-)
  8. Thanks caterpillar! Went to the doc on Saturday for first check up and made some adjustments, feels much better but still damn uncomfortable especially in this heat. Check up went well, apparently my recovery is excellent for so many areas done and very little bruising, taking bromelaine and arnica which hopefully is helping. Back to work tomorrow and I'm a bit worried about the swelling of my ankles and the discomfort of the garment, I have a desk job and lots of meetings, any suggestions for getting through the day would be appreciated? Going to wear a scarf to cover the littlebruising on my neck, not sure the chin lipo was a great success, think it may have just made the skin looser! Otherwise so happy with the results, can't wait to get in to my bikini....few weeks yet :-)
  9. 3 days post. Last night was the worst so far, I think I overdid the activity yesterday because I was feeling good but that caused a lot of swelling so did not sleep much. Today feels pretty good but taking it easier feet up a lot and no housework :-). Not much bruising going on so far which is good and I've stopped taking pain medication except for at bedtime. Really happy with progress, looks like I might have a 'thigh gap' woohoo! Check up on Saturday and finally get to remove the chin strap on Sunday, can't wait. A bit worried that the kinks in my compression garment under my bust and waist are going to leave indents.....anyone know if this is possible?
  10. 2 days post op. No real pain just really uncomfortable where the garment digs in to my sides, think the swelling has definitely started! So ow I'm applying ice as much as I can. No problems moving around but getting up and down is still a bit of a struggle. Leaking from incisions has mostly stopped. Had my first shower and wow very impressed with the results especially knowing there's still a fair bit of swelling! Getting the garment back on was the worst. Can't wait to get out of. The compression garments, I'm back to work in 4 days so really hope I'm a bit more comfortable by then. Big tip: if you have inner/outer thighs done get a small funnel to pee in, honestly a lifesaver! Sorry if TMI :-)
  11. I am 1 day post op! Yesterday I had the works done at Ashbury cosmetic clinic, the 'works' being, inner and outer thighs, hips, flanks, upper and lower tummy and chin. I am 39 yrs old, in good for Ess shape, 158 cm and around 58kg so this was not about weight loss, I call it streamlining my assets :-). I arrived at 7.30am , met by s super friendly nurse with an excellent bedside manner. Filled in forms, took some relaxation mess and had a lie down before the doc came in. Doc arrived and took photos, drew all over me, I looked like a weather map! Then the whisked me off to surgery. I had twilight sedation so at this point I was relaxed and a little groggy but completely aware of what was happening, next I got the lovely antiseptic wash down which made me stick to the bed, gross! Dr started the procedure and could feel the needles and then some pain as the fluid was put in, from there all I could feel was a tugging type sensation. This was the same for each area. There was never any real pain, I felt like I was awake for the whole procedure but the nurse told me I had actually been out for quite a lot of it. When it was all over the nurses gave me a wash and helped me in to my compression garment, man was that a mission, I know how a sausage feels! It really was difficult and the head garment is horrendous so I'm glad I obly have to wear that for 7 days. Today I've been up and down doing stuff and have gone for a walk, the most paid getting up and down from seated or lying.....oh and going to the loo is not much fun but all in all it is quite bearable. If the way I look in my garment is any indication of the final outcome then I am already super happy. Tonight will be my first shower so I hope I like what I see but I am bracing myself for some bruises. Will check in later
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