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  1. Not sure ha. Click on my profile and can you see it in there anywhere?
  2. Hi there I have posted "my story" on here which goes into detail. I am 8 months post op and am very very happy with everything. Just panadol and nurafen, i unfortunately suffer from vomiting a lot from the strong pain meds in hospital so after about the 3rd time i vomited i stopped taking them, the pain of throwing up (i had muscle repair done on my tt also) was way worse than the actual pain of the op. So i stopped taking them and just stuck with panadol. I ended up going home after 1 night stay instead of the 2 as my drips were pretty much empty, i wasn't taking the pain med drip anymore and Doc Kode said if i wanted i could go home (saved $1000 -- not that the money was a concern). I was happy to go and i stayed the extra night close to the hospital and Doc Kode gave me his mobile number in case of any problems. Any other questions feel free to inbox me i am happy to answer any questions, my story is posted on here called "my story" so feel free to have a read. Good luck with it all.
  3. I have. I can't fault him at all. I had Tummy tuck and my boobs done. 6 months post op and no problems yet.
  4. swimwear galore.... google it and there is a great website. They sell heaps of Sea folly ones too x.
  5. Hi there, yes I went with Doc Kode. I too couldn't find anything about him, I did know a friend of a friend who went with him and loved him. I decided to book a consult and go from there, I liked him, he was down to earth and said how it was like no fluffing about. It just so happens that what he said was exactly pretty much down to every detail what I was thinking and wanted. So iii went ahead and booked after that and they called me when they had a cancellation and I had my op down 6 weeks after my consults. I am very very happy with everything, I had no fluid so my drains were pretty much empty so they come out after 24 hours and I ended up going home after 1 night in hospital, stayed close of course but aside from me vomiting all the time (which I knew would happen as it always does) everything went well and everyone was so lovely. My post op checks with him and his nurse have gone really well and my healing is going so well, can hardly see the line going down my boob at all now. Tummy one is pretty red still but he did say it can take months and months for scars to fade, which I could understand as my csection scar didn't really fade till it was about 2 years old. My personal experience with him has been fantastic. An added bonus was that I actually found his pricing cheaper, not that I wouldn't of spent more if I had too. Any queries or questions feel free to inbox me xx
  6. HI there yes indeed I had it all in one go! Not going to lie the frist 3-4 days were hard, but if I wasn't a nausea person it wouldn't of been as bad, I vomit over everything so I knew the pain meds and that would have an impact which it did so I had to stop taking them, so the pain was hard, but each single day it got better and better. I had a breeze compared to some people on here, boobs were easy peasy, it was my muscle repair work I had done the most painful. I have jit the 12 week post op and healing so well. Some marks are barely noticeable but other sections on my tummy are red. I am very happy with my results. Check out my story which I posted things in more details xx
  7. Hi Ladies Some of these post so sounded like me. I had deflated D cups, needed a lift desperado but didn't want to go down 1/2 - 1 cup in size (which is what my surgeon said would happen. I was so keen on implants but was also so scared about the possibility of them sagging again, which considering my boobs sagged so so much with brest feeding as I was a full on cow for a long time, milk milk milk so they sagged heaps. So I was so torn as to what to do. I just wanted a full D-DD cup with upper pole. After my consult I was still a little torn, surgeon said I had a lot of breast tissue there to make a nice perky boob, but it probably wouldn't fill my current bras. He suggested 200's, also to make some rice sizes and to play around a bit to see if I wanted implants, which he said he was more than happy to do, but yeah suggested a moderate size to reduce the chance of sagging again. Went back for another consult and this time I was measured up and my surgeon said for my size a nice for what I wanted would be 275, which was a little bigger than what he originally thought but the first time he didn't actually measure me up. So after a week of stressing about it I thought to myself...... If I had a lift I would be disappointed, and having small implants might not be too bad if I looked after them, So I did it. Went with 275 and I am now 12 weeks post op. My scar looks look amazing already, with my nipple and down the boob line fading so so fast, underneath ones are a bit more red in colour but I am still so early along I am not at all worried. As for the size I was a saggy 14D to start and now a much fuller 14DD. So just what I ordered. Over the muscle profile. I also had a tummy tuck but that was a whole different kettle of fish. Any questions feel free to ask, I am down in Tas so I not many of us here. xox
  8. I agree with Kel1987. Some tights or leggins baby wipes Comfy tops like tshirt or tanks that's all I used. I only stayed one night in the end so I didn't use 99% of the items I thought I would. Even at home all I did was sit and watch tv. Good luck x
  9. Do you need muscle repair done? I had a TT, BL and BA with muscle repair. In all honesty the thought of it was enough for me until at least week 3!!! But my muscle repair was the most painful thing out of all 3 ops. So maybe if I didn't have that I would of been quicker .... I think I waited till like week 4 or even 5?! cant remember but I bet my husband could tell you the exact amount of days and hours ha ha ha.
  10. I found my incisions similar, like pain wise wasn't too bad, but recovery is definitely longer. My csections after a week I felt totally fine. But it was longer, are you having muscle repair? That was the worse pain I have felt with it. VERY painful to couch and I needed help getting up and moving for a week or so. But everyone is so different, I have read so many different stories here and its amazing how different our bodies react.
  11. Think mine was $1,700. For 4 hours of surgery.
  12. Totally normal to feel tat way. I started looking and reading some bad stories too and thought to myself that I knew what I was getting into, like the risks, the recovery etc. SO why read these stories. I knew my pain threshold and hoped to god I would manage. I wont lie, day 1-3 were tough, I felt so sick as I can not handle pain meds, so I went off them completely at day 2!!! But once I got use to what I could and couldn't do, the best way to move around etc I was fine. Coughing, sneezing and vomiting is horrible (I had muscle repair done as well so this of course made these things way worse). BUT if someone asked me if I knew what I went through would I do it again. YES - no question. I couldn't even look in the mirror without wanted to gag and now I have a flat, yes still some stretch marks, but flat tummy. I can wear any tight tops without any rolls, or muffin tops over my jeans. I had 2 C-sections and I will say a TT was similar, but the muscle repair was much much worse. Good luck with everything. Be brave and enjoy the new bod, if you like read my story I posted, mine is one of the good ones I think, day 2 home, day 2 drains out. Day 9, 10 and 11 was when I could lay flat again. I did it all on panadal, as the stronger stuff made me throw up!!! Wishing you the best op xx
  13. Its amazing how everyones stories are so different. I had a TT with BL & BA, stayed one night, drains were taken out day two. By night 10 I was laying flat, maybe night 11. Yes the first 4-5 days were painful, vomiting coughing and sneezing are extremely painful but I did have muscle repair also. Worst pain ever!!! I still have swelling after I have been at work all day, I am 2 months post op. I went back to work week 3 (work from home at a desk and my second job is on my feet at a café), to be honest I should of taken 4 weeks of from café but I didn't do any heavy lifting so it was okay, just tired. Its very hard to try and prepare for it when everyone stories are so different. My surgeon did say I would only need 2-3 nights in hospital if all went well and it did so I only stayed the one, and my drains were barely getting any fluid so I was very happy. All the best for everyone else and their ops!!! xox
  14. Unfortunately out laptop completely died. RIP. Tech has done a recovery on it and we have all our old stuff back, but none of the files are name and there is over 500 folders to go through to search for things we need. This included all my before and after pics. sigh
  15. Hi there I turned the dirty 30 this year, married for 6 years to my hot hubby. Have two beautiful amazing daughters 5 and 4 who are the best of friends, and a lovely step daughter who is 15!! Live in a small beach side town where my husband and I run two (very different) businesses, we are VERY busy in the peak season but get a nice break in the winter months. Have a family dog who loves the beach as much as we do. After loosing some weight and keeping it off I took the leap and got something done for my self this year. My family and close circle are my life, I wouldn't be where I am today with out them. My parents are a true inspiration and I try daily to make them proud. While I never attended Uni, I completed a diploma while working at my previous job, but never say never as to if I will go to uni one day, I never knew what I wanted to do or be other than a Mummy so for now I will enjoy being my own boss and most important the best mum, wife, daughter, sister and friend I can be. Loving life xx
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