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  1. I've never had one. the lady sent a completed triangle home with me to "try on" and hubby said it was too big lol " tell her to make it smaller, like one of this ones that only cover the nipple" lol
  2. One of my work mates (an old guy) his wife is making me a crochet bikini top!? I'm so excited!
  3. Yep, gotta love a bargain ?
  4. update. i had to buy a bikini today as we are going to the river and I no longer had one that fit. got one from Omar (the only style left) for $10. i also had a look at city beach and saw a crochet set I loved but I wasn't paying $78 for it.
  5. I haven't even gone shopping for a new bikini (that fits) or gone swimming yet!
  6. How is everyone doing? im not 100% (still get discomfort when sleeping sometimes) and I'm still a bit numb but apart from that everything is good. i really wish I gent a bit bigger though, or at least went with extra high profile. Still. I'm bigger than I was before surgery ?
  7. TTaa


    My mum got breast implants over 40 years ago and has never had a problem! hopefuly CC also has something to do with your genes and I'm fine too ?
  8. TTaa


    Well I suppose that all makes sense. my surgeon never said massage would prevent CC, I was told by my friends mum who also got a BA to "keep up with my massages so I don't get CC" so knowing I have been slack with the massages, I thought I would ask the question. thanks ladies ?
  9. TTaa


    how long before I'm "safe" from getting CC? i keep forgetting to do my massages (sometimes for days) and I'm worried I will develop CC
  10. I went to Kmart and had a very hard time finding a DD-E! this is what I found. and I finally got my shirt yay! Lol
  11. I got fitted yesterday. I'm a 10DD-E (from 10 AA)
  12. I'm 6 weeks post op tomorrow and I hav been side sleeping for about 2 weeks but it still hurts a bit.
  13. Today marks week 4. im still a bit sore and sensitive. im excited and anxious to return to work tomorrow! Wish me luck ?
  14. wow. You all look amazing! my boobs were very sensitive too, I found moisturiser helped and the nurse said the more they are touched, the more desensitised they will get.
  15. gee it's quiet in here! what is everyone up to? How are you all going with healing?
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