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  1. Thanks ladies, this is very helpful. It's very hard when you have kids at home. And time has never been always right. So I am totally get what you mean. Yes, I'm thinking of the post care after 2 weeks too.
  2. Mind if I ask you guys to share your personal experience? Been reading many posts about this stuff and often heard from people who have good experience from getting BA & other stuff done in Thailand as well as some other horror stories from media. So if you have, even for a second, considered having your surgery done oversea, what's the reason to not pursue that path? Especially if high treatment cost here is an issue – how did you overcome that in the end?
  3. You go girls! Nice to hear so far you guys feel great or looking forward to it so far. In a way, it's a great opportunity to really have me time. @lovecat, can you tell us more about your nurse support story?
  4. I have seen a few ladies here are the first time oversea traveller. Not only you have to worry about procedure prep and what follows, you are doing it in a complete foreign place far away from home. Have any of you do this on your own. So just curious what are concerns running into your head and how do you manage? BTW, here's some quote that I quite like. “These places really aren’t dangerous,” she says, “but there are these stories. I just sort of felt that I needed to push past these fears, and I knew that the risks would be worth the reward. ~ Candace Rardon, young solo traveller writer”
  5. I wished they would be one based in Australian. It's just a matter of time, I think. When are you going and which part of Thailand?
  6. Hi Paige1990 If you do some search a few people have mentioned about GPS specifically in various posts. i.e.
  7. If you want to exchange in Thailand, definitely don't do it at the banks. Try Super Rich at Pratunam.
  8. Depends on many other things I think. I wouldn't mind a few bad reviews among many positive review. However after the first few the initial contact, if I few a bit funny like something is not right, or my gut feeling say this is not for me that's when I will do early checkout.
  9. Hi Boobdreams Sorry to hear you experience some undesired result from your BB. What did the hospital say - have you check if they can rectify it? Or do you mind share more of the story?
  10. Interesting! I am going to S Korea in Oct and want to check this out too. Many Asian love going to Korea to get makeover incl Thailand. There's a few tours in Thailand actually do that but mostly for facial surgery or reduce their leg size, etc. From when I went there two years ago, there's clinic advertisement and bill boards in every city subway with before & after. Pretty full on! When are you planning to go and why you want to go to S Korea?
  11. I did mine in Bangkok a while back. It takes little time to recover and you will only need 1 day before be able to do anything. My surgery wasn't cheap but my provider is one of the very first few Lasik clinic in Thailand back then. Never had any problem for over 15 years now. @ioncewasblind How did you heard about Supreme iLasik? I'm quite surprise to learn it cost only about 1/3 of the surgery cost here. Sometimes I saw ads on paper (Syd/Melb) and thought the price here's getting close to Bangkok price. Apart from what 2shea's great recommendation. Perhaps ask if they can provide you a few past patience details who you can contact?
  12. Thanks guys. I think I will pass on the AirAsia promo for now and spend more time to keep looking. At least Scoot price is not too bad so that can be a back up plan.
  13. Yes, I often use Emirate and Thai Airway in the past. Love Thai Airway food. Heard Singapore Airline is amazing too but the price is always not right enough
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