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    Full Abdominoplasty and mesh removal
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    Dr Andrew Jenkins, Pacific Day Surgery 20.02.15
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  1. Dr Andrew Jenkins at Pacific Day Surgery in Fortitude Valley. The staff there are awesome. They know there stuff and are supportive. Definitely go with a Plastic Reconstructive Surgeon NOT a Plastic Surgeon. I am 12 weeks post op full tummy tuck with muscle repair and had the best recovery due to the support from the surgeon and his team. Good luck and definitely take people's opinions in when searching for a surgeon
  2. 2 weeks post op Still can't stand all the way straight. I'm can sleep on my right side but not my left... Think when the drain came out it might have done a bit of something. Feels like something's pinching. Slight swelling.. Gets worse with walking too much but to be expected. Incision healing ultra well, looks good. Belly buttons finally starting to look normal too. Other than the sore back and not standing straight, everything's good. Recovery hasn't been too bad this week. I only have a week left before I'm back battling clients at work so I really hope I can stand properly by the end of the week.
  3. NannyDeb I sent a request but not sure if it's the right Deb lol Hope ur feeling better ☺️
  4. 9 days post op Other than a bit of back pain and tightness, all is well. Hopefully get the drain removed tomorrow, seems to have stopped draining. Looking forward to maybe being able to sleep on my side.. That's been the hardest thing, being stuck on ur back. I'm so glad things r going so well
  5. And omg, had my first sneeze today... Excruciating! Felt silly crying over a sneeze lol. Coughing has been hard too.. I need a good cough but can't get it out.. Feels like everything's going to flop out of the belly button lol
  6. One week post op... Made it! Had a couple tough days there, day 4-5 but generally doing ok and up and walking.. A lot straighter than a couple days ago. Still have one drain in so hard to straighten up that side. Only pain now is tightness of the muscles and feeling bruised (although not) under incision area and pubic bone. Back still abit sore but helps that I can lay flat. Can't wait to lay on my side again. Belly buttons looking a little worrying, going to see the surgeon today. Incision looks good. It's a tough recovery but so worth it every time I take my garmet off and see the result. Definitely tests the mind, sitting about doing nothing. As a busy hairdresser I'm having trouble with this.
  7. My back pains seem to be bothering me more than the tummy. Not being able to stand straight is so hard. And pubic area is so swollen and bruised.. I'm going nuts 'resting' and I'm only day 6 :(
  8. Exactly. I saved $5000 doing it as day surgery and the surgeon calls everyday checking in and there's anything I'm worried about, I can go to hospital and he'll meet me there. It does depend on the individual. I have dealt with muscle pain in my back and stomach for years so I knew I could handle it. It's not been fun and I'm glad I have drugs when I need it but I don't think I would have been better off or anything staying in hospital. I'm day 6 and other than a bit of stiffness near the wound and some back pain, I'm doing ok I think
  9. The first couple days aren't as bad as day 3-4 so no point being in hospital I think. And 2 c sections will come close to this pain I'd say
  10. U should throw me a message on Facebook or email me.. Let me know if ur up for a recovery pal
  11. Day 5 Bowel movement. Hallelujah!! Was starting to panic. I was under control of everything until yesterday when one of my drains came out.. Holy crap.. That was pain. All afternoon and all night I spent recovering from it. The stiffness and swelling of the pubic area is quite frustrating and back ache seems to come and go. Getting good up is still hard, but once moving not too bad. Back on endone when I need it and panadol every 4 hours. Dreading this other tube coming out. I'm going stir crazy already, I hate feeling helpless. NannyDeb I know what u mean by looking at things from a new angle lol.. It's pretty shocking still. Love my result so gotta keep positive or I'll break. This is not fun.
  12. Same same NannyDeb. I'm on day 4-5 and still no bowel movement. Im taking everything I can too.. No fair. Had a bad night last night after the first drain came out. If my back wasn't aching so bad, I'd be ok I think. Still trying to look at the bigger picture ho.
  13. I know what u mean about the back ache. It's killing me feeling so stiff. Had one drain taken out today a FAROUT.. That was friggin painful.. Lol. Had to take an endone after that but been pretty much sticking with just the panadol. Once I can stand straight and lay comfortably, I think it'll go a lot smoother. I was definitely lucky the first couple days weren't too bad.. I expected a lot worse! Hope things start getting a bit better for u once ur home
  14. Pacific Day Surgery in Brisbane. I stressed my concern about hospital cost as I have no private health and he told me they do it as day surgery. I was stressed at first but the staff there are so good. Surgeon called next day to check in and I'm going in for check up today. Definitely worth looking in too.
  15. I went in for day surgery and I'm on day 3 right now and feel ok. I think I'd be worse if I was in hospital. Go home to ur environment as soon as u can but only if u have someone to care for u the whole time
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