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    Financing a BL

    I've had one consult at the beginning of the year and the surgeon told me 'it'll be very expensive and medicare won't cover anything unless you have children, and the benefits won't last' but there were many things I didn't agree with her about so I'm clinging onto some small hope. (She said I'd receive a quote in the mail, which I never did and when I called the office said I'd need to book another $170 consultation so I gave up for the mean time) I followed a blog on tumblr (boobs2point0) that managed to get her entire procedure free on medicare because the surgeon itemised it as a reduction even though it was a lift with only a minor reduction on one side..which is what I'm looking at myself, so I'm clinging to that! I was also under the impression that some health insurers would cover the hospital stay/surgical room/ etc but not the surgery itself? I'm fairly frugal already. I don't eat much, I make my own clothes or op shop when I need anything that I don't already have. I rarely eat out. I work full time and don't have the time or energy to work a second job without risking my mental health. Thank you for the suggestions so far. I don't mean to sound so 'woe is me,' I'm just antsy to get this dealt with already.
  2. Thanks for that! I'm hoping I can get some on Medicare but I don't think my situation will allow for it. Obviously I need to suck it up and see a surgeon to find out! I don't have health insurance and can't seem to find one that will even cover the hospital aspect. The cost is my biggest hindrance and stress right now :/
  3. I'm 25, 5'7", 55ish kg. single. DD-E down pointing/saggy boobs. It has been suggested on RealSelf that I may also be mildly tuberous. So I want to go for a BL (no implants) but I'm concerned about costs. I won't be covered with Medicare as I don't have and don't want children. I only earn 40K, which when you take out inner Melb suburb rent prices/tax/living expenses etc, it doesn't leave a whole lot of savings. I'd rather not take out a loan beyond my means and wish to remain debt free. So I guess I'm asking how others have financed their surgery? Could anyone recommend a private hospital cover (I don't currently have any insurance) that would cover the stay/anesthetic and whatnot if not the actual surgery?
  4. I don't know what drew me to him but he's the one I keep coming back to. There was no mention of him on this forum back then! I've only had one consult with another surgeon in Ballarat who said she'd send me a quote in the mail and never did... If its not too rude to ask, how much is it costing?
  5. They close up over night. Not even kidding. I had to take one out about 6 months ago after about 2 years healed becaue of migration (long story) and all that was left by morning was a little dint either side where the bar entered. I've had it since repierced, and would again if I do have to take them out for surgery, but getting them redone through scar tissue is OW! (unless done while still numb post-op, that'd be a bonus!)
  6. When people say the cost of thier surgery was $10,000; that's all inclusive of hospital, anesthetist etc, right?
  7. Ah, right. I was informed of the post-pregnancy thing. It has to be within 7 years of your child being born? Anyway, I'm 25 with no children and hopefully won't ever. I'm bummed about it because my boobs look like I've had kids, ha. The first surgeon I saw couldn't believe that I hadn't lost weight and hadn't had kids. These suckers just grew droopy from the beginning. (She actually casually called them granny boobs, which stung and is one of the reasons I'm hesitant about choosing her, among other things)
  8. I hadn't even thought of this. I've had my nipples done for years (in an effort to love my boobies more) - will surgeons allow plastic retainers or will I have to let them heal up? What's the reasoning for removing piercings anyway?
  9. Oh, this is reassuring, but I have heard how difficult is it to convince medicare to look after it. The first surgoen I saw told me I had no option but to pay 100% out of pocket though - that even private health wouldn't even cover hospital. Do you mind if I ask which health fund you're with? There's a blog on tumblr (boobs2point0) that had hers completely covered by medicare, too. I think her surgeon was helpful and informed medicare it was a reduction, even though she only had a very minor reduction on one breast to even them up - my left breast is more than a cup size bigger than my right, so I'd love to find a surgeon willing to do this for me!
  10. Thanks. I'm looking at Dr Dean Trotter who offers a free consult via real self so I guess that means I can skip the referral this time My first Dr said they'd mail me out a quote but it's been a month and I've not recieved anything. She seemed friendly and made a point of keeping my expectations realistic but in hindsight there were a few things she said that bothered me so I really hope I have some more success with someone else. I just wish I had the time and money to have this over with already!
  11. I had an initial consult with a surgeon and while I think I agree with most of what she was saying I think I definitely need a second opinion. I assume I need to start the process all over again and head back to the GP for another referral? Or can I contact a surgeons office directly? This time I think I'm going to opt for someone in Melbourne (I live a few hours outside, and initially went to someone local) Does anyone have any recommendations for Melbourne surgeons for breast lifts?
  12. Just adding after reading up a little, I think she may have actually meant crescent lift rather than donut!
  13. I had my first consult with a surgeon yesterday. I went in fully expecting to be told a lolipop or anchor would be necessary but she seemed to think a peri-aereloa would suffice. I have good projection and my breast tissue is shaped well (I was already aware and thankful of this) but she did inform me I have grade 3 ptosis - because my mammary fold is in the 'right' place, I really only need to reposition the nipple. I can't find much online about benelli/donut/periareola lift results other than many surgeons don't seem to think it's effective. Has anyone here had a good expirience or can point me towards some decent resources?
  14. I got a referal from a GP (my original GP moved to a clinic where it's first available doctor, so it wasn't a GP I'd seen before) and now I'm wondering if I go ahead and contact the surgeon's office? The Dr told me the surgeon would send me a letter first but it's been a week... am I impatient or is it my job to get this rolling? (I've never needed a specialist/referral in my life so I'm totally ignorant to how this works)
  15. I do believe I've read about the evidence from physio etc - unfortunatly I don't have this as I used students and family to keep costs down (I've been a student up until very recently so money's always been tight for 'extras' like massage/physio) Definitely can't go the babies route. It's not the end of the world - I'll pay out of pocket if I have to, but obviously any little bit is going to help. I'll find out when it comes to it, I guess! No idea why my boobs were so unlucky. My mother has fairly perky B cups for a 60yo w/ 2 kids...and I grew droopy DD's! I do wonder if its from birth control at an early age (14 - for acne treatment, not sex). At least it's something I can finally get fixed! Thanks for your responses, by the way. It's helping me think about everything.
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