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  1. Hi I'm similar size and booked in for a ba do u mind if I see it pics?

  2. I'm 161cm and 50kgs and got 400's and don't feel they are big at all! Def go the 450's you won't regret it
  3. They use pear juice in the maternity wards for women that are blocked up. Maybe give that one a go for those who aren't " hands on" or should I say " fingers in " lol.
  4. I think it's also the type of surgeon. Some of them seem to be quite conservative and not want to step anywhere near the outer sides of comfort zone. Just remember you don't have to take the first opinion you get. If your not in any rush then possibly seek another opinion I was a 10a on a padded day lol.
  5. I had 3 consults and the absolute max I was told was 315cc and even then was told not to expect them but more so on the day 275... Over to Thailand last year and said I'd like to be a dd ! Boom thank you 400cc's. I'd definately seek other opinions.
  6. Lol so il let you know later when I walk at my partner with lingerie on and a fry pan in hand lol
  7. Hahaha No one will ever ask for labiaplasty again on here . The 30's motto should run something like this " hunny , if I'm capable of walking to the fridge after sex... You don't deserve a sandwich"!!! Lol
  8. I definately think it is an age factor! I think it's far more enjoyable in the 30's too. Get hunting don, two feet, a heart beat and a good rack and 30 years under your belt = awesome sex
  9. I know jemm I told her this myself. Unfortunately due to the fact she stands and poos in a nappy and the fact she never had to push out a poo due to the laxatives she has a lazy bowel and the paed said we can't stop giving it to her but wean her over 6/12 months. It is terrible and as I have bigger kids know this is not normal. My youngest has had bowel surgery before so I am quite experienced in bowel issues and knew from day 1 there was big issues.
  10. Does it sort itself out don if it is puckering?
  11. It could be loose skin as your implants are still quite high and once they drop it will fill in.
  12. I'm unsure Hun , did you have your crease lowered? Don't panic yet but definitely get in contact with your surgeon incase it is something you can nip it in the bud. Is it like swelling or more like loose skin?
  13. Kdmma, your post made me giggle! Don't worry I have a few profanities in my head for her too but just don't say them for fear of not being able to stop. I think my partner does not realize that you don't have to starve someone to give them food disorders and that a lot of eating disorders start young like this and because of circumstances like this. If she had any conditions that inhibit her having particular foods I would be ever understanding but her mum does it as she wants her to only have macro, micro or vegan. Each to their own but when your installing guilt into your child knowingly or not, you should be held accountable. I've often returned the food that her mum sends as it isn't because she has restrictions for allergies, but because I don't feel boiled lentils in water is sufficient for a growing girl. Her mum even dropped her off one day saying the lil cherub has had a filling so I made her mashed lentils... I took them off her and said thanks but I am capable of catering to her needs too. On questioning which tooth had been filled I noticed there was no filling.. So I then queried if she had the dental hair dryer put on her teeth? She said yes!! So in actual fact she lied imposing a sore tooth on her daughter when she only had her teeth sealed. That causes no discomfort what so ever and only did that so she could try control what she was eating.it really is screwed up. She has a goats milk bottle every day after school and a bottle at bed time. She is not a baby and doesn't need a bottle!! Il call a counselor on Monday
  14. Hi, If any ladies are in the early stages of booking your surgery jetstar has a sale that finishes Monday! Flights to Bangkok are about $398 RETURN!! Omg I want to book a trip just for the sake of it. The travel dates are pretty awesome too. Most sales have shortened travel dates but these prices are for sept this year, nov and dec this year and feb through April next year. So if you are content with a budget flight then get onto it.
  15. Thanks heaps ladies, your all spot on with your advice. Something needs to be done and if my relationship falls apart in the process then so be it. No dinner last night and she still hasn't eaten yet today. It's just not right and not in me to just let it go. Thanks so much ladies, you surely have helped lift my spirits again )
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