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    Dr Perron 10th April 2015
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  1. Hi Jules, I went with the breast academy at southport cost about $7000 and I am very happy with the whole experience. Had my op about 9 months ago and love the results. Not sure if u can book direct with them or if u have to go through cosmedi tours which is what I did. Worth checking out!!
  2. Hi Alice, I went through the breast academy in April this year. I had Dr Stradwick oversea and Justin Perron do my surgery. I am more than happy with my results and the whole experience. Dr Perron also works at the Gold coast university hospital doing plastic and reconstructive surgery. He recently did a friend of mines reconstructive surgery post mastectomy. You cant choose your Dr i think its who ever is on that day so i never actually met Dr Perron as i saw Dr Layt and another lovely surgeon at my consults I did meet Dr stardwick on the morning of surgery. I have had not one drama through the whole experience. Hope this helps Nic xx
  3. Hi Rachelita, I had a BA done in April this year on the gold coast with the breast academy and Dr Luke Stradwick was my over seeing consultant and Dr Perron preformed the surgery. I am more than happy with my results and the whole experience was so easy. I would highly recommend them.
  4. You should be fine to go out for dinner. I was up and about the next day took kids to the library and went to an open home. I was able to do most things just a bit slower and not too much each day. I found the whole experience a lot easier than I thought. Was a little disappointed that it was so easy as I wanted to be able to lay around and watch tv and be waited on a bit longer lol. Good luck with it all.
  5. Totally normal to feel that way. I'm 18 days post and remember feeling this way before mine. But so glad I went through with it I love them. And as for pain I had none it's more a discomfort with heaviness and tightness. I took pain meds at night to help me sleep.
  6. Hi all haven't had a chance to be online much as been staying with my parents post op. I'm now day 9 and feeling great. The recovery has been much easier than I thought. Will try give a better update and some pics next week. I hope everyone is recovering well and good luck to those who are up next week. Xx
  7. My Dr said not to waste my money or time with stretch mark cream as it doesn't do anything . It's genetic if your gonna get them your gonna get them no cream/oil will help.
  8. It's all over and back home. Can't believe how good I feel but realize the days to come can be worse. Checked in at 615 did all my pre op stuff out in recover by 10 not too sure what time I went in. Now home resting and icing. Can move and don't have much pain so going to keep up movement. Got 330cc round dual plane. When icing with frozen peas are you just sitting them on the top or putting right in bra to get the whole boob??
  9. Hi all, I'm booked in this fri the 10th with Cosmedi tours/ breast academy with dr Perron. Getting excited now. I'm currently a 10A/B and hopping for a c-d cup. Getting round mod profile 330cc. Can't believe this is finally happening have been wanting this for a long time. Thanks all for sharing your stories on here
  10. Try citi bank I just got finance through them think interest rate was 4.9% for 3 years then goes up if you haven't paid it off by then. Really easy to do.
  11. I've booked through the breast academy or cosmetic tours it's the same thing for April 10, and so far have been more than happy with there service and only have good things to say.
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