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  1. It just appears to me as though your right is dropping faster than your left.
  2. I think they look fantastic! At 9 weeks you still have many months of changes to go through, so try and relax and let them do their thing. I don't see any signs of bottoming out and they look very symmetrical. Good job ?
  3. I flew back 3 days after and it was fine ?
  4. Is going with a mod implant not an option, as it will give you the width you're after?
  5. I have a very large BWD of 16cms and my implants are only 13.5 I believe (maybe 13) and they fit very well ?
  6. Well I had my surgery at lunch time and was up later that night to watch tv and felt good but tired. I went shopping on day 2 and again it was fine, but I did get tired easily.
  7. I waited 2 weeks and even then, it was very gentle and definitely no boob touching.
  8. My friend had a rough recovery. I remember her being in a lot of pain afterwards but she also had drains. I had 445cc under the boob incision and no drains and initial pain was minimal. If it's the scarring you're worried about, I'm 20 months post op now and my scars are so light and fine, barely noticeable.
  9. My friend had hers done through the armpit. She had 300 and I think if you're going for a large implant, they can't get it in via the armpit. I could be mistaken though.
  10. I'm pretty sure she has 415 and 450 high profile
  11. After my BA, one of the nurses told me to expect them to feel cold while swimming so it must be normal
  12. Mine lasted 5-6 weeks Hang in there!!
  13. RH4K

    Boob selfie!

    Good God! How does one actually walk around with them??
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