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  1. Me too. I had mine done about 18mths ago and it still feels strange being so high ( supposed to be in the 'ideal' position now). Honestly, it looks like a vertical coin slot. Kids tease me all the time. I'd give anything to find a surgeon who can make it look and feel more natural.
  2. Did you find anyone yet. I highly recommend Dr ******.
  3. Hi gals. I had my 6wk check up last week. Absolutely delighted. TT and BL went great. Feeling so chuffed.
  4. Looking great ms_tummytuck. I'm now on week 3 and feeling pretty good. Still feels like belly button is really high( it's not, just feels weird). Breast reduction and lift has been relatively pain free. One word of warning. When you are up for a dip in the pool dry the incision area straight after. I found leaving swimmers on kept the area moist and icky. ☺
  5. they have tthem in Target for $20 if that helps.
  6. Ok . Now at week 1. Drains out Mon. Thank god, they are just gross. Dressings changed today so got first real look. Wow. They took out belly button stitches today. Apparently if left in too long they leave noticeable marks. Other stich es come out next Thurs. So funny when the nurse was poking my boobs and had to ask if I had implants (which I didn't). The results of the BL are fantastic. Bottom half still weird and numb bit not much pain. More so in the evenings, mostly the hips aching. Getting better each day. Doing light Christmas shopping tomorrow.
  7. Barricade yourself with pillows and pillow pets when you get home. Kids can't help but accidently bump you. Lol.
  8. WOOHOOO. Out the other side. That endone is good stuff. Had surgery this morning now resting comfortably at home. TT went really well and with the BreastLift only had to go down one sizing. AnyOne going through Dr Kahout or Dr ******. Facilities great, staff great, Dr great. Getting a bit tender now. Not as painful as I expected. Stinging from swelling a bit annoying though. Please feel to PM for support or advice.........
  9. Only 3 days to TT and BL op. Starting to feel real now. Wow.
  10. Anyone else out there using Dr ******....
  11. Yay. Booked in for TT and BL 3rd Dec. Nervous but excited.
  12. Wondering if there are any Sydney TTers out there. Who did you use. What was the cosr. Thanks.
  13. That is a good price. What city are you having it done in.
  14. I'm stil looking into it. I will be able to post more after appt. But from what i have seen, the number of days varies a bit. Obviously the longer the hospital stay the higher the cost.
  15. Hiya, has anyone had a TT that doesn't have private health. I am looking at getting a c-section scar revision / mini tt . I am on the DSP and don't have private health. Was wondering if anyone else is in the same boat and can give me an idea of hospital costs. Noticed some PS use private hospitals and others have their own surgery room. Thanks
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