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  1. They gave me a medical certificate for 2 weeks off but I went back after 4 days as I just sit in an office and do nothing. Tony will tell you to take 2 weeks off so do it. Make sure you have someone to help you too as you can't drive etc. you are in very good hands!
  2. Hey ladies. So 3 weeks post op I have the worst "morning boob". I was feeling great until a week ago and it all started. Stopping me from sleeping. Any tips? Feels like my chest is crushed and so tight. I'm worried about sleeping on my side as I can feel the implants touching. Did anyone else feel this?
  3. Put your complete trust in Tony as he will not give you boobs that are too big for you!!! he knows breasts very well and if 225cc looks better then that's all he will put in as he uses a sizer first before putting them in. I went from deliriously exciting to absolutely shitting myself on the day of the surgery. Freaked out. but, nothing for me to worry out. the nurses there after the op are amazing and so caring and nothing too much trouble for them!! How exciting for you!!
  4. Yes. Had a BA and BL last Tuesday. So far very happy!!!
  5. I will give you an update on Friday after the tape is pulled off. 7 days today since the op - in fact exactly this time last Tuesday they were finishing up!!! from what I can see the scarring is minimal. plus Tony gets you to use silicone scar sheets which dramatically helps the scarring heal and reduce unlike my first time around where nothing like this was told to be used. The scarring for me is not a concern. to have breasts that look as normal as possible rather than like 90 year old deflated sultana grapes is all I can ask for and the scarring I don't care about!
  6. I've seen 4 surgeons in the past. 3 the first time around (I apparently chose the best of a bad bunch!) and this time I just saw Tony. I had no need to go elsewhere after seeing Tony. It's personal choice - if you don't feel comfortable with one then you go to another! It also depends on the look you want. If you want larger and want to look like you have had implants done then Dr Lee. Tony will not go above a natural shape to suit your body type. No matter how much you ask haha! Tony is an artist - he largely does reconstructive surgery
  7. He sure does! I had BA replacement of old implants and capsulectomy, breast lift AND aerola reduction! If you need a lift he will certainly tell you. Book and see him. I cried tears of joy and relief at my appointment as it was like he could read my mind and knew what needed to be done to fix my deformities
  8. Definitely not dr chan! Paid 15k all up 4 years ago and just had the implants removed and his stuff ups fixed.
  9. I had my mirena removed 4 weeks ago after nearly 12 months. Shitty thing it is. I have hair loss, acne, violent mood swings, painful sex and no libido. Hubby won't have the snip. I don't want tubes tied so have to go back on the pill. Has anyone tried zoely?
  10. First consult $170 but with a referral you get some back from medicare
  11. Well 6 days post op and I cannot rave about Tony and the staff at Cambridge enough. Such a different experience this time around. The worst part about all of this was I had so much pain medication straight after surgery I couldn't pee during the night! Took me half an hour of the tap running to get a trickle lol. The nurse checked on me constantly and scanned my bladder every time to make sure I was reducing the urine. I stopped pain meds 2nd day. Didn't need them. I had old round 325/342cc implants removed (Thankyou Perth supposed top ps for charging a fortune and doing an equivalent botched job of an overseas surgery gone wrong), aerola reduction, breast lift, new textured teardrop 475cc/425cc put in. And the pain just feels like my dog is sitting on my chest! Go back on Friday for tape removal and then start with the silicone scar sheets. The only concern I have so far is that they look smaller than before but tony told me my previous ones were not right and too small so I know he knows the end result I will be bigger. For any form of reconstructive surgery he is the best. Nurses, breastcare shop, hospital workers all rave about him. The sad part is that two nurses, when seeing my before shots, knew straight away Which surgeon had done the first job. So disappointing to think we have surgeons in Perth that shouldn't be doing more complex BA.
  12. Hi ladies I'm booked in for tuesday! So excited! Does he do liposuction? I thought I saw it on another post
  13. I had my consult today and booked in for 17th March. He's fixing what another Perth surgeon stuffed up.
  14. Hi ladies. I have my appointment 6th March - 3 month wait!! I had a BA done by another Perth plastics 4 years ago and he assured me that the implants would give me enough of a lift. Well 4 years on they are saggy. I had tubular to begin with so now I want a lift and aerola reduction and possibly larger implants. Has anyone had this done with Dr Connell? I chose him as he seems to be the best for reconstructive.
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