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    Dr Michelle Lodge 2014, 18th November 2014
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  1. Compression garment does itch if it touches your skin, in SA we have the marena abdominal binder which is velcroed straight which kept irritating my skin, I bought a dale abdominal binder online as the ends are curved in where the Velcro is and it stops the Velcro touching your skin. I found bikini briefs better than big baggy knickers as they sat below my hip to hip scar. My surgeon also prescribed Movicol for constipation which was fantastic. Hope this helps
  2. Wow sorry I didnt get to your post sooner mine was like a firm hard spot it took 11 weeks for it to all settle and as you could imagine I did very well I would do it all again it was very pain free and a great experience.
  3. So Happy for you Connie I to was shocked with how painless my recovery was.
  4. OK... I had my surgery for FREE in South Australia, weight loss is classed as cosmetic and is not covered. To be covered it has to be classed as reconstructive surgery for a full tummy tuck with muscle repair which is called 'abdominoplasty', which is what I had. To be eligible you must of had any of the following: c-sections, twins, had a hysterectomy, have diastasis recti (torn abdomen muscles) which is what I had 4 fingers wide which was very bad apparently, not having any more kids, etc have issues like bad back pain, overhang of skin called an apron, and you must be in the healthy BMI (body mass index) for your height and weight. If you meet this criteria your GP will give you a referral to a public hospital which does the surgeries. I got my referral, faxed it to the QEH (Queen Elizabeth Hospital) and had to wait 3 years for my first consult with Plastic Surgeon Michelle Lodge, she reassessed me and as I still met all the criteria I was put on the surgery list which was another years wait. On November 18th 2014 I had my surgery, it was a long wait but was worth it. The only thing that cost me was I had to buy 2 abdominal binders which were $40 each. I hope this helps with many of your questions.
  5. That's fantastic Lyndabutler I didn't have to pay either have you tried cutting out all sugar and white foods like bread this will help with weight loss, eat lots of fresh fruit and veg and you should lose that 5 kilos
  6. You may need muscle repair if you look pregnant I did and it is called abdominoplasty (Full Tummy Tuck) which is covered by Medicare because it is considered reconstruction surgery, if you go and see Julie Lawrence at Brighton you should only have to pay her consult fee and then maybe wait anywhere from 12-15 months on her public waiting list and it should be free, I went public and chose Plastic Surgeon Michelle Lodge and had to wait 4 years but it was free.
  7. Hi mumo5, Surgery went really well, I woke up with no pain, after 2 days my drains came out which I thought would hurt but I was given pain relief meds 1/2 hour before they came out and it just felt like a strange pulling feeling, my belly button is numb but hip to hip wound I can feel. I was up walking on day 2, but half way through week 2 I started to bleed from the right drain site an awful lot of blood and the surgeon has told me I have a hematoma which is a collection of blood, I had it drained Wednesday and Thursday on Friday it had stopped, but it has started again, I am not allowed to walk or do anything, I have to sit with feet up or lay in bed for two weeks, and I still feel good in myself and slowly the swelling is coming down I think by the end of six weeks my body will be much better and on its way to where it should be.
  8. I was able to get up the next morning I carried my drains with me when I needed the toilet and after 1 week I was walking straight, the pain you get after a full tummy tuck is tolerable I expected it to be like my C-sections or hysterectomy which was very painful but NO I felt really good I think the fear that is was going to be worse was what scared me, you will be fine and I guess it depends on how much excess skin you have taken away and how healthy and fit you are as to when you will walk straight. Wishing you all the best for your surgery you will be fine and soon will have an amazing body be positive and it will all be fine I will be 3 weeks post op this Monday
  9. After 2 weeks po I have a hematoma a collection of blood in my body the right drain site keeps bleeding for 3 days straight there was a lot of blood then it stopped, but now it has started bleeding again has anyone else experienced this ?
  10. I'm having my belly button stitches out tomorrow worried about the pain
  11. I'm doing good hope newlife is to its all so exciting I'm finding it hard to rest tho and I'm trying not to take drugs I've got an appointment next Wednesday to have stitches removed from my belly button the hip to hip is dissolvable stitches I'm pretty swollen the surgeon said it will be a good 9-12 months before it's really settled hope everyone else is doing fine to
  12. My surgeon is so pleased with my progress my drains are coming out today and I can go home happy happy happy
  13. My surgeon is really pleased with progress that my drains are coming out today and I can go home
  14. Surgery went really well the pain is tolerable so I'm quite surprised I'm still a little scared about the drains coming out I will post pics once I feel more comfortable I think if it wasn't for the forum I would of been a nervous wreck the inspiration the experiences and support everyone shared is the best medicine for pre jitters
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