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    325cc high profile textured Mentor silicon implants, subfasical
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    Dr Mansoor Mirkazemi, May 20, 2016
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    165cm, 50kg, 12A prior to surgery

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  1. Hi Caroline, I haven't had either of the side effects you have mentioned with Yasmine, but I was on it for around 2 1.5 years and stopped it before surgery (May 2016). I found that my mood improved dramatically, I felt less bloated, it was much easier for me to maintain my weight and I just felt in better health overall. I tried to go back in it several times, but would feel so nauseous that I would give up within several days (even after taking neasea medications). I have been off it for around 9 months now, and feel so much better than I did when I was on it. It took 7 months for me to have a period, and it has been 2 months since then and I haven't had another one yet, but it does take a long time for your hormones to resettle and my GP isn't worried about it. I'm not interested in having kids (ever), and I would like the contraceptive effects of the pill, but it's just not worth the misery it causes me right now! If Femme ED works for you, I'd love to hear about it too, because it might be something that would work for me as well. I have tried Dianne 35ED previously (7 years on it), but after a period that lasted 21 days, I switched to Yaz, and found that Yaz was better than Dianne for my mood and overall health as well.
  2. Hi ladies, this just popped up as an add on my facebook and I thought some f you might be interested - it's technically a post breast-cancer surgery bra, but it's wireless and supportive, so would work post augmentation as well. https://www.berlei.com.au/the-chrissy-post-surgery-bra-yye6-blk.html?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=display&utm_campaign=chrissybra&utm_content=The-Chrissy-Post-Surgery-Bra
  3. I wasn't told to massage either - though I don't know if that was because I got overs.
  4. That's wonderful, I'm so happy for you! What did you end up getting in the end (sorry, I haven't been keeping up with the forum lately). I hope it continues this smoothly for you - I didn't have to take any endone at all so fingers crossed you're the same!
  5. I'm about the same state (165cm, 49-50kg) and I got 325cc round overs. They've taken me to a 10-12 D and they suit my frame perfectly.
  6. I saved most of it (about $7500 of the $9000) and paid $2000 upfront and put the remaining on a 15 month interest free credit card. I'm paying it back gradually just so I have a bit more time.
  7. They look great, and you're right, they look very natural I'm also sleeping on my stomach again occasionally and don't mind it at all, but then my mattress is very soft!
  8. My surgeon recommended "massaging" the incisions everyday if I felt them get a little raised. Just using a medium pressure to push down on them for a couple of minutes each day basically. I'm 2.5 months post op now and they've flattened completely.
  9. You can't make any decisions based on overs/unders until you have had a consult - it all depends on how much breast tissue you have that will be able to hide the edges of your implants. Your surgeon will need to measure this during your consult.
  10. While I agree that not all plastic surgeons are created equal, you absolutely can not compare between the training of plastic and cosmetic surgeons. No one ever goes to a plastic surgeon and then wishes in hindsight that they went to a cosmetic surgeon, but plenty of girls wish they'd gone to a PS after a stuff up from a CS procedure. Based on your comments in other threads, and your statement that you've been in the industry for years, would I be correct in assuming that you work for TCI, or another CS, @cosmeticinsider? I don't mean to be aggressive, but I think the tactics that TCI takes in offering women a "quick, cheap and easy" option for a BA is completely irresponsible. I started my BA search after seeing their ads, and after my partner was horrified at the idea of going there, I started to search for different options, and I'm so glad I did. At least if something had gone wrong I'd know my surgeon would be capable of fixing it.
  11. Hi @kura! I' glad yours are settling in without anymore squeaking! Mine are going great - they're really soft now. They actually bounced for the first time the other day while working out - that was a first for me! haha I suck at photos too - I think we should get some lessons from the TCI PR offices for that one, they seem to use boob selfies as their number one major marketing tool... I'm still happy with the size I went - they definitely don't look big in clothes if I wear something loose, but I can boost them up if I want to. I've got a holiday to Noosa booked for November and for the first time ever I'm excited to get into a bikini!
  12. lisba

    June 2016 girls!

    They'll start to fit in underwires after a couple of months, it just takes time for them to soften
  13. Welcome @Bananas123! I only had a constellation with Mansoor before I decided to go with him. Since consults are pretty expensive as it is, I figured that if I didn't feel comfortable with him in any way then I would make a consult with someone else and go from there. From what I'd read in this forum I realised that he gave one of the most thorough consults out of any of the surgeons in Melbourne, and since I felt confident in what we talked about, I decided to just go with it. I booked my surgery within a couple of days of the first consult, after making sure I would be able to get time off work. I was also given a quote at the first consult. I'm extremely happy with my results - I'd do it again exactly the same way in a heartbeat!
  14. You'll have to get an ultrasound to determine if you need a mammogram. If there is anything abnormal you should get the mammogram too. There are several places that bulk bill for both and it's worth getting them for peace of mind, even if your surgeon doesn't require it (though really they should..).
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