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    breast augmentation, Botox, fillers
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    breast aug 265 cc, round, high profile,textured, Naterelle implant 25th Aug 2015 with Peter Sylaidis
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    52kgs, 165cms, A cup (barely)
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  1. Hi ? I had mine done at APSA on North Tce by Dr Sylaidis, but there are a few plastic surgeons that work there. A lot of girls on here from Adelaide have used Dr Kollais, Dr Cooter is another one I have read good things about Cost was $11,000
  2. APSA North Tce, there is a group of plastic surgeons there in the same building as Adelaide Day Surgery, i had mine done there but seems like most Adelaide girls use Dr Kollias
  3. I went through pretty much the same thing a few weeks after I got my BA, I was hating having them, the feeling of them and always being conscious of them every time I moved I was just sick to death of thinking about my boobs constantly I guess going from being flat chested to having implants was a huge change. I would cry a lot and was pretty depressed over the whole thing to the point I wanted to have them taken out. I knew if I went back to my PS he would say it was to early to have them out so I gave it 12 months and now 18 months later I am fine and forget they are there most of the time, all the strange sensations go away as your body adjusts to them and it becomes normal, it took me a good 8-9 months to heal fully aswell, I think I was expecting to be ok after 6 weeks but this wasn't the case for me. Hang in there for a few months and things will get better xx
  4. I had no breast tissue it takes months for everything to stretch out and take shape, my boobs were numb and sore for ages and I did freak out a bit lol give it 6 months x
  5. I had my BA in Adelaide last year and while doing my research spoke to a girl who had hers done by Katsaros she said she 'wouldn't recommend him but wouldn't not recommend him either', most of the Adelaide girls use Kollias who doesn't advertise I guess he gets enough business through word of mouth all the girls seem happy with his work, type his name into the search function. I had mine done at APSA by Peter Sylaidis but he doesn't do BA's anymore a few good PS's there tho x
  6. Go to LCA, I was paying $700 for Botox for my frown and crows feet at a fancy plastic surgery clinic in Adelaide so thought I would try my local LCA and got the same thing for $350 and I actually think she did a better job, winning ? I am also having laser hair removal at LCA and can't rate it highly enough. I was sceptical about LCA being so cheap but they really are fantastic
  7. i have 265cc high profile rounds, 165cms and 52 kg went from A to C cup. I would go bigger if i had my time again. My BWD was 11cm x
  8. Everyone is different, so whatever makes u feel most comfortable I knew I wasn't going to be comfortable with anyone so I just went to the most qualified PS I could find with no bad reviews x
  9. Hi, i had mine done in Adelaide last year at APSA, my advise is use an experienced plastic surgeon not a cosmetic surgeon x
  10. i only had one as i am in Adelaide and i knew which surgeon i wanted
  11. I work night shifts and during winter it gets freezing, last winter was awful when I shivered my muscles felt like they were jumping all over my implants and squeezing them into my armpits feels horrid, they felt really hard when it happens aswell. i only had them done last August so they were new last winter hoping it gets better this winter. I wear a scarf tucked into my jacket to keep my boobs warm lol
  12. i am 6 months PO and my pec muscles still feel strange when i engage them, it used to bother me at first but now i am used to it i just lift etc in a different way so i don't get the feeling I started back lifting weights a few weeks back and the first push up i tried felt awful i cant even do one from my knees to the ground so i am doing pushups from my knees with my hands on my weight bench to build up strength ? i couldnt do a chest fly either so i brought really light weights to build up my strength again, i think the more u do it the less weird it will feel. i wouldnt have even tried anything at 8 weeks i was still nowhere near healed i am 6 months now and feel ok to workout☺
  13. Yes send me a friend request I don't have an album but I can pm u a few pics, I am 6 months PO, Dr M is know for doing 'natural' looking BA's so I wouldn't stress to much my boobs are small but like the girls said they look to perky and full in the upper pole to be real lol
  14. $12,000 by a PS in Adelaide all inclusive
  15. I'm same weight as you a bit taller same dress size, I have 265 cc they are small trust me lol I could have had another 100 cc easy I think, not even my own mum has noticed I have had a boob job!
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