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  1. I had ccompletely forgotten that I could get that done, I had just accepted that I'd be getting a bew tattoo, Lol. Will see how it ends up. I posted the pics if you saw, hopefully It will get much better with time. Steph
  2. Just posted some photos in an album if you are interested in checking it out... Steph
  3. Ok, well. I can't remember where I left off buuuuuut long story short. Ended up back in hospital for 6 and had to have 3 more surgeries in 5 days... infected hematoma & seroma! Ended up being sent hime with 2 drains in & had hospital in the home come out everyday to check them & their output. Lasted 5 days. Then had to go back to hospital for 2 weeks for weekly check ups on the wound... my originally little thin scar is no longer thin in the middle & have ended up putting on weight from not being able to barely do a thing, movement wise, which has devastated me. Have another 2-
  4. Just an update. Drain is still in.... Won't let it come out until its draining 20-30mls in a day, I'm still at about 50-150 a day... surely it has to stop soon.
  5. I asked my ps about the itchy & he said it was normal just means it is healing, might be irritated though by the garment because it makes me run hot. Oh really, I wish. I'm still draining, an additional 300 mls ontop of the 550mls in the office, hopefully the drain can come out tomorrow.
  6. Yeah me too ms_tummytuck ? Haha yeah I was mistly tje same, thought about the recovered part not the actual recovery. I only took the medication for 3 days, I found just keeping up my fluids helped me better than the anti inflams did.
  7. Well it wasn't a seroma, it was a build up of old blood that hadn't been drained out. I had to have a local & they drained it, he was squishing my stomach and pushing on it to get as much out as he could, it came out like a tap...550 mls, lol, was so grosse. I have a drain in to get it all out until Monday but I'm hoping for tomorrow. So much flatter & alot less pressure.
  8. How long has it been for you Kel since you had it done? I'm not on any pain meds, haven't been since day 3 or 4. I will definetly get some probiotics though. Lol, I hope so ☺☺☺ hopefully from this week I will turn a corner. Also did you find your inscision site really itchy? If so what did you use to stop it?
  9. Yeah I did, yes he is lovely as are his nurses. Stayed at St John of God, in Geelong, they were also really good. I'm glad I have gone through this with such lovely, supportive & helpful people around me. Not long to go for you now ms_tummytuck Xx ☺
  10. Thanks ladies. Xx I even felt a little better just writing it. I have to come back tomorrow & get drained. As they said the swelling is substantially more than last week. Whether that means that there is a seroma or not I'm not quite sure. They said one one of the contributors to know is how I feel & I feel crappy, so looking like it....
  11. Well, I can honestly say that the recovery is not what I had invisigned. While it has been relatively pain free & no dramas apart from the initial bleeding issue, there is another issue that I was not at all prepared for.... I wish my expectations weren't so high, I had thought 2 weeks on that I'd be jumping into my skinny legs with a new found confidence with a gorgeous flat belly & beautiful belly button..yeah there would be some swelling, but I wouldn't notice because I would be mostly flat... SO NOT THE CASE... I am so incredibly swollen that it looks like nothing has been done, we
  12. I have ended up back in hospital due to mass amount of blood loss, may need transfusion this afternoon but other than that, I'm not on painkillers, day 3 & it was less painless than I imagined it would be, my ceasers were by far the most painful. Thank you Kel, I really did need to hear/read that as yesterday I was a bit of a mess wondering why I have done this to myself. As I look terrible. When I first woke up I was like omg it's so flat, my waist is tiny then within a few hours I looked like a balloon. I will just keep reminding myself that it is a process. Thanks ladies
  13. Wow, that came around quick! I have to be at the hospital at 2. I'm feeling nothing right now it's weird, I think I just want it done already, so I can hurry up & heal so I can fully enjoy my new belly.
  14. Lol lol lol ??? Yeah I thought it may of been around that time frame.
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