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    Breast augmentation and lift on one side
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    Dr Craig Layt, Feb 2015
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    173cm, from 14B to 14D, 345cc mod

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  1. I was shocked and felt too big for a few days too. The swelling does go down after a few weeks and I tell you what actually miss it. I've got boob greed now which is totally incomprehensible after going from not even wanting to look in the mirror because I felt huge. Funny how perception can completely change!
  2. Yay! So happy for you At Last! Great to hear all went well.
  3. Wishing you all the best for your revision on Wednesday Atlast. How are you feeling about it? Thinking of you.
  4. Who else is miserable about being unable to sleep on their tummy? ? I have heard there is such thing as a specially designed pillow for tummy sleeping with implants, Google has confirmed this for me but they look to be dodgy overseas sites. Question to you: has anybody on this forum tried a boob pillow for stomach sleeping? Do they work and where did you get it from? Thanks ladies!
  5. Go with your largest option. The sizers you try look smaller once in. I freaked out terribly before mine about going too large and wanted the 300cc sizer. My surgeon said I needed 345cc to achieve that look. I agonised terribly over it and now realise it's such a minuscule difference. I now have the natural look I requested but I am actually quite disappointed and wish I was larger. I imagined throwing away the push up bras for good but unfortunately that won't be happening. Good luck with your choice and enjoy the new assets!
  6. Is there such a thing as a boob pillow for tummy sleeping? Oh my gosh- you have just made my day! Must get one! ?
  7. I am also yet to find a comfortable bra for all day wear. Can't seem to do more than a few hours without reverting back to original surgery bra for comfort. Will try some of your suggestions ladies. Thanks!
  8. I also had a consult with him and was displeased that Brazilians were the only option. I see many ladies on this forum love them, which is great, but I wanted to have a choice and personally preferred other types.
  9. Hi Lauren! I wonder if I had the same Plastic Surgeon as you? Gold Coast? I was also instructed that antibiotics would be required for any future major dental surgery. Apparently different surgeons have different opinions... How about that?!!! I am not going to sit here & say I know everything about everything, I paid an expert in his field and therefore follow his advice. Although it is great that we have a forum to share info and learn about other views. Shame about the unnecessary rudeness on this thread though.
  10. Sorry to hear you have to have the revision At last. Is it complicated to fix? I'm glad you are getting some action now to bring you closer to your dream result. Wishing you all the best!
  11. I think it depends on the profile of your implant as to whether it will 'pop out' in time. Moderates for example are quite flat and stay the way, whereas implants with higher projection like HP might initially be compressed more under the muscle but come forward more in time.
  12. Congrats on your op! Hang in there for the emotional roller coaster of the first few days. Your implants will definitely change. Mine have but I don't think my few pictures posted really show that well. I couldn't even look at my boobs for first few days. I got so upset about how awful I thought they were but they have improved a lot and I like them- just wish they were a bit bigger now! Best of luck with your recovery and don't stress. They will change and improve a lot.
  13. Have you heard of the first stage being called 'franken boob'? It's a shock and those swollen bolt ons will not be moving any direction for a while. Don't worry though. They will definitely change appearance and come closer as they soften. I'm only at the 4 months mark but mine are coming closer and even though initially one was bigger than the other they are symmetrical now. Lots to look forward to ladies x
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