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  1. Booked a consult with Dr Richardson for this coming Monday, very excited! This will be my second consult, my first was with Dr Ali Hussain. What are some fundamental questions I should ask him? Also, any before/afters or reviews would be great!
  2. Has anyone been through TWMC in Bangkok? Apparently they are one of the top 10 plastic surgery hospitals for international patients, but I can't seem to find any reviews. I have searched the name into this forum, but came up with nothing.
  3. Have recently heard some great things about both of these companies. Looking at going to Thailand and surgeon recommendations for both of these companies. Any reviews would be great! Thanks ladies
  4. Just wondering where everyone has got their loan? I already have 7,400 from Mac credit but need another $6000. I am thinking of getting $13,400 from Citibank and paying my Mac one off entirely. Please help with loan advise?!
  5. Just would like some reviews on dr Ali as I will be getting my new boobies with him soon! Thanks a million
  6. HI, just would like some advice on which doctor to go through at Bangpakok9 CosmediTour? I have looked at all their CV on the cosmeditour website and cannot really decipher who is the best. Some before/after photos would be great as i cant find any :*
  7. Hi, I had my consult a couple of weeks ago and he recommended 390cc overs because i have sufficient breast tissue and as I use my arms alot for my job, overs are better overall. but i am also looking at going through Cosmeditour and going to Bangkok at the Bangpakok9 International Hospital as i have heard great things and they offer group tours. So you get to go through the experience with some other girls! Also, the trip (excluding spending) is the same as Esteem. So confused haha
  8. I have looked at tci and are not comfortable going with them as I have heard numerous bad cases :/ also I'm in Brisbane so it would be more... I looked at Thailand and it would be $6000 all up including spending and I was in contact with the hospital and they will accept parental consent form! Yay
  9. Hi guys, so i had a bit of a set back and couldn't financially afford to get my ba right now as i had planned. I am looking at going overseas but have found from Cosmeditour that thailand's legal age is 20 I hate my body and cannot wait that long to have it fixed. So i was wondering if any body my age has travelled overseas to have their surgery and how/where did you go? My parents coming is not an option as they think it is selfish and so on... Please help any one?
  10. Hi guys, some of you may have seen my previous post after I had my consult with dr ali and he reccomended 360cc to bring me up to a D cup. I rang him up today asking if i can go one size bigger and he said 390cc will still be fine. yay I am going to ring up today or tomorrow to book my surgery date and inform the receptionist of my change in size. Reviews on Dr Ali at Esteem? and what about the hospital he does his surgeries through? Thanks!
  11. Anyone else have 360cc? I think I'm going to message him tomorrow asking if that's my max as I really don't want boob greed haha, I said I would like to be a d/dd and have chosen to go over as I have enough Breast tissue (12b) and use my upper body a lot at work. thanks for anything girls!
  12. Just wanting to know what the post op care for esteem cosmetic studio is I have my consult on the 1st of April!
  13. thanks guys, found some really great reviews on here adnd also on another forum. I will be booking a consult tomorrow!
  14. Sweet, do you know any of their names? Just wanting to see a few before and afters
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