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    BL/BA and a Thigh Lift
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    Dr Narupon, 6 June 2015
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    165cm, 62kgs, 12E

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  1. I am 6 days post op and still feeling sore and exhausted. In hindsight I probably should have had separate Breast and Thigh lifts - 8 hours is such a long surgery, but I know it will get better every day. I'm off to the hospital today for my first post op check up and hopefully the doctor is pleased with what he sees..... Can't wait til I'm all healed and feeling myself again
  2. OMG just about to board the plane to Thailand and got an email telling me my surgery has been moved forward to Friday instead of Saturday.... I don't cope well when plans change.... So arrived in Phuket on Friday morning, went to the resort for a shower and then got picked up to go to the hospital.... waiting at the hospital for about an hour to be then told that another emergency has come up and my surgery is now back to Saturday. I had just come to terms with the change and it happens again!!! So back to the resort for dinner and straight to bed after a VERY long day. Am now waiting to get picked up again to go back to the hospital in 15 mins or so... hopefully everything goes to plan today, as I don't think I can cope with another change..... This has not done my nerves any good!!!!
  3. I'm getting on a plane tonight and the nerves have just hit me this morning... 2 more sleeps until my surgery - can't imagine how nervous I'll be by then...
  4. I know 40something... My mind is definitely not at work at the moment (and I think it shows)... the next few days cannot go fast enough!!!
  5. 5 days til my surgery now and 3 more sleeps until I leave.... I'm all packed and ready to go! I thought the nerves might have it by now, but I feel fine at this stage.... will probably hit me when I get the airport. I'm so excited!!!!
  6. Getting so excited now - less then one month til I'm getting on the plane to Phuket. Might start packing on the weekend. My surgeon has changed to Dr Narupon, but that's ok, I've heard great things about him too.
  7. I was told by the hospital that I could have a Stillnox or Temazepam for the flight.They were the two I specifically asked about. I would think Xanax would be similar, so all you have to do is ask the question.
  8. I am also booked in with Dr Thanakom at PIAC on 6 June. I'll probably see you there Danagrove. Exactly 2 months to go - cant wait.
  9. You must have some good tips then... where to go, what to do, where to eat.... We are staying in Karon Beach.
  10. Oh wow, 12 months of waiting, you must be very patient.... Have you been to Thailand before?
  11. Oh Dr B.... he's the surgeon I originally wanted but he doesn't do thigh lifts.... I think all the surgeons at PIAC are good though. I have just confirmed surgery and booked flights and accommodation over the weekend, so I am super excited but three months seems so far away...
  12. Who's going to Phuket in June for their surgery? I'm booked in with Dr Narupon at PIAC for 6th June for a Breast Lift with Implant and also a thigh lift..... can't wait!!!! Love to hear from other people who might be going at the same so we can share experiences...
  13. Has anyone had a thigh lift in Thailand (either Bangkok or Phuket), and are you happy with the results? I would love to hear your recommendations on doctors and hospitals (or which ones to avoid), accommodation and any other tips you can give.
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