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  1. Yes I have heard alot about Global Protective Solutions I have made an online quote with them 3 days ago but haven't heard anything back yet. And a bit too hard to contact them since they are american. I did read they do not cover anything to do with flight cancellations/accomodation etc. so looks like I will be taking out regular travel insurance as well.
  2. I have just ordered 2 of the Carefix Bras Anna and Alice. I have heard heaps of reviews about them and they were nearly sold out in alot of sights I went to. I think it is worth it - especially as they say they help to minimize capsular contracture. I only bought two and will definitely have a look in Kmart for some comfy ones for bed. In terms of sizing I got a Medium in both. Was pretty easy because they only go buy your band width and not cup size.
  3. I am not there until the 12th May. Getting close now. Good luck with your surgery hope all goes well. Also doe anyone have a packing list of important things they are going to take with them. I hear alot of people talk about taking and antibacterial body wash and antibacterial wipes for after surgery, anybody have any recommendations of things they wish they knew to take with them?
  4. Oh thank you so much I will have to have a look at them. I have seen two in target one zips up in the front and the other is a hook and eye closure at the front - has anyone used these?
  5. I am not sure. I had that question also. Currently I am on the Diane 35ed pill which can cause blood clots (very rare). Was anyone advised to stop taking this prior to surgery especially because of long haul flights? I know they say if you have your period they will delay your surgery until it stops
  6. I used destiny meditravel. big mistake
  7. Ok I am leaving for my surgery pretty soon in May and I have heard a lot of people bring surgical bras with them just in case. In other forums a lot of people talk about brands from USA / UK. Are their any australian girls that have gotten a BA and found some great post surgery bras that you can buy here? Also I am going from a 10A to a 10C/D. Is there anyone who has gone to this similar size and if so what size bra did you buy -it is hard to know before I have even gotten them what size to get, should I go a size smaller because it is supposed to be tight??
  8. paige1990

    Travel Insurance

    Also I have booked travel insurance to cover flights/accomodation etc. I am wandering if anyone has booked insurance to cover the actual surgery. The ony company I have heard people talk about is Global Protective Solutions. Has anyone used this are they a reputable company?
  9. Hi I have surgery booked in early May 2015 with Dr Rushapol are there any others that are going around that time?
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