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  1. IBR I have just read your message and lovely to hear from you, I would love to hear from your friend who had a problem with him and what her outcome was with the surgery would that be possible.. x
  2. Jazzel he stuffed up alright and knows it, and yes he should be made accountable this is why I am taking it further ( retired or not) x
  3. Hi IBR yes maybe, and also that he was once plastic surgery president of WA. Bias should not come into the photos in which the board viewed..
  4. Hi ladies thankyou for your replies means a lot, I had botched face surgery 2014 I wrote and sent photos to the board and they dismissed it without discussion at all. This is not good enough WE ALL work hard for this money and I have now started a mediation process taking it further with no expense to anyone..
  5. CALLING ALL....lovely ladies who had cosmetic surgery performed by Alistair Turner , Did you pay big $$$$$$ for surgery with results being that a monkey would have done better, I would love to hear YOUR STORY as I know there would be many ,just by looking at my results performed by Alistair Turner and his unethical manner and attitude toward a patient.
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