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    Breast Augmentation
    Had consult with Dr. Fung,
    325CC left 285CC right,
    hoping to book op in next few months
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    168cm, 61kg, A cup
  1. not sure if youre talking to me i haven't even booked mine yet, just been to a consult and in the process of saving the the BA because I refuse to get financing for it lol you can add me though, i will probably post some pre op photos when i finally book the whole thing
  2. Thanks everyone for the replies! I'm feeling a LOT better about the chosen size now. And Buddah, I also have a huge rib cage which i'm hoping will be less noticable when I get my BA done. Im just so excited.
  3. I'd imagine she'd have a strong back holding those up all day!
  4. Personally having been to Phuket on a holiday, I feel like the staff at good hotels have amazing service! Might be nice to recover at a place like that. I also got my teeth done over there a few years ago and it's so much cheaper. Haven't looked into other forms of surgery over there but I can imagine be price would be another thing.
  5. I do think that it's been a while since that video was made, she had a more recent video updating on her new BA so good news for her! Even if she can't go quite as big as before at least she can have surgery again
  6. Good luck with it all, let us know what size you're recommended I don't want large boobs but I don't mind the fake look haha
  7. Hi Goldie, Dr **** is located in Melbourne at ******* Cosmetic and Medical centre in Altona, so considering im from the western suburbs is incredibly close!
  8. If I were you i'd definitely hop on the bike or cross trainer. I feel like step classes are very jumpy compared to the other two i mentioned
  9. following on from another thread where people a lady had wished she had a smaller implants, just wondering who felt the same way and what your height and weight / build is if you dont mind me asking. i went into my consult wanting to be a full c cup and decided on 325cc for my right and 285 for my left im 168cm and about 61kg with fairly broad shoulders and about an A cup so i was told that i have the body to hold a DD if i wanted to but as i said im after smaller implants. ive heard of some girls becoming a D to DD cup with only slightly larger implants so just wanted to see what people ended up with, i really doubt i will have "boob greed", im actually more worried about ending up larger than intended.
  10. very surprised at the amount of people who had or are having theirs done at 20 and younger, i just turned 20 and thought have had a consult and in the process of saving up the money for my BA and actually worried that i was too young. its good to see that im not alone, i think sometimes i forget that im an adult now who can make my own decisions. i still live at home so wanted my mums support (very lucky to have an awesome supporting mum) but i think its better for me to get them done young when i dont have all those other costs associated with 'living out of home.
  11. Thanks Len82, I felt very happy after my consult with Dr **** and really loved the nurse who i had the first half of my consult with. She pressed into my pectoral muscles and told me that the recovery would probably be quite painful for me because I exercise quite a bit and have very tight pecs (im going for unders) and because of this I really don't want to be going on a plane after the op I think I sent you a friend request because I saw in another thread that you had your procedure with Dr ****.
  12. Thanks everyone for the responses I talked to my boyfriend and we decided to stick with Dr **** as I was really happy with my consult there and even though it's a little bit more expensive, just makes things easier being close to home in case there are any complications, plus it would probably work out to be almost the same price with the travel and accommodation for the both of us.
  13. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum. I had a consult with Dr **** at his clinic a while ago (basically was at the very early stages of looking into getting a BA), I've been following TCI on instagram and absolutely love their work and their prices and I had a few questions for those who had flown over to Sydney to have their BA done there How long do you need to be there for? How did you find flying post op? What about follow up appointments? Do they offer any sort of insurance? (Dr **** offers insurance for capsular contracture so the procedure to remove and insert new implants is free which really appealed to me) I really liked Dr **** as well but obviously just looking at my options
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