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  1. UPDATE: I had my 6 month check up with my surgeon a few weeks back and he said still having some numbness is normal and should have full feeling back by 12 months
  2. I'm nearly 6 months on and numb in the lower pole still, I have feeling in the top half and nipples fine, just from nipples down to the scar is pretty numb on both breasts. It doesn't bother me really.. Apart from this I feel like everything has gone perfectly.
  3. I had consults with both but chose Richardson for my surgery. Both seemed nice in person but I decided on Richardson as I was happier he was a plastic surgeon and was able to give me the size I wanted- big!
  4. I took before photos to look back at post op if I got boob greed. It's good to see the comparison some days!
  5. To be honest I still feel weird putting any stress on my chest muscles even now haha. It's a strange feeling to get used to
  6. Are you feeling sore now? I know I stressed over random things like that right after my BA, but I would guess if something bad happened you'd be feeling it now? Maybe worth a call to your PS just to see what they say.
  7. I was sitting too close at the dinner table and knocked a glass of water over with my boobs.
  8. My stats are 160cm/55kg, can't remember my bwd, but I got 505cc. I feel like in normal clothes they look in proportion to the rest of me, but I can show them off when I want to as well (which is what I wanted). Are you wanting a natural look or not wanting too big? I think you could pull off the next size up :)
  9. If you're worried about the sleeping on an angle, remember with pain meds they should help you relax so hopefully sleeping wont be an issue. My boyfriend took care of me (I really only needed help with getting my post op bra on/off)
  10. I experienced the noises too for a few weeks post op, mainly when I moved my arms!
  11. I would be interested in knowing this as well.. Have you spoken to your doctor? I hope the nerve pain stops soon!
  12. I just used bio oil for a few weeks pre op, using nothing now post op. (Except bio oil on the scars after 6 weeks) I haven't gotten stretch marks but I'm not really prone to getting them on other parts of my body either.
  13. I remember the feeling.. I had a cold / numb feeling. I feel like that went away for me when my nerves recovered and feeling came back to my breasts
  14. I think I have to stop lurking this thread - it's causing major boob greed!
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