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  1. I had a tt and bl 3 weeks ago, I stoppedall pain killer over a week ago, but since then I'm very restless, I can't keep still, I have to keep moving my legs or my hands fingers, it's very annoying, I'm really struggling to sleep. My local Dr gave me fenergan at help sleep at night but it's not solving the problem, I don't go back to my surgeon now for another 5 weeks. Any one have any ideas??
  2. Thanks ladies, it's getting better now, still hurts when I sneeze but not as bad. I'm almost 3 weeks post op. I have abit of swelling just above the scare, looks like I'm bloated lol. The front of my $&@ is also really swollen, just looks weird. I'm really itchy along the scare line and I'm also very numb over my tummy. Dr said all is good and to come back in 6 weeks. Since stopping the endone tablets I've been having trouble sleeping, I'm really restless and can't keep still, I'm sooooo tired and have only slept a few hours over the last few days, dr gave me fenergin today so hope that works soon, although it's now 11:30pm and I'm still awake. Has anyone else had this
  3. Hi, I'm 1 week post op tummy tuck and breast lift, everything is good except the pain from tightening the muscles, I cant cough laugh cry, how long does this last, it's really stating to get me down, this musle pain is so much harder than I thought. Please help
  4. Hi no not yet, I'm booked in for the 31 March
  5. Hi I'm booked in with Dr Perkins for tummy tuck and breast lift. All up it will be $22000. To give you an idea without the tummy tuck is was going to be about 10000. Hope this helps abit
  6. Hi, after having a breast lift would the breasts be the same size or smaller. My dr said they will be the same size but I can't see how that works if there removing skin, wouldn't that make them smaller.
  7. Hi can anyone please try to describe the pain of a tummy tuck and breast lift. I really don't know what to expect. I've had a c-section, is it similar pain?? My surgery is booked for 31st March with Dr Perkins
  8. Hi I'm booked in on the 31st March for tummy tuck and breast lift, just wondering how long you all stayed in hospital for, I'm only hoping to be there for 1-2 days. Also what is the pain like after, how son were you up and about?
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