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  1. Oh I completely understand all of that! I will probably post some after pictures once mine is done so we can see how the boobs go making the chest look. I don't think it'll be more obvious. Just more of the east/west nips I'm worried about.
  2. Accepted your Fr GBA June! That's not far away at all! Are you getting excited? If you don't mind me asking, are you nervous about how they will looks after?
  3. 1st, Mel with dr dash at tci! It's getting so close!
  4. Yeah that's true! I'm sure they will know what is going to look best!
  5. I'm interstate so I'm having my consult on the 30th! Nervous about it only being the day before but I'm very excited! How do you feel having the consult and surgery the next day?
  6. So exciting Jules! Not long to go
  7. Thanks heaps jjgirl, I'll check them out
  8. Hi everyone! I'm new to this so sorry if I sound a bit silly. I have my BA booked in at TCI with dr dash in May, I'm just a bit worried about how they will look afterwards as I have a pigeon chest and can't really seem to find much feedback on how it turns out. Anyone with prominent sternums able to give me some insight?
  9. Hi Emma, I have something called a pigeon chest which makes my sternum much more prominent than normal. I have googled a lot and a BA looks to improve it! I'm booked with dr dash in May! Hope it goes well for you. Good luck
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