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    Breast Revision gone wrong, have brazzilain furry implants very painful and not the shape or look i used to have ..should have stuck to the round silicon :(
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    bodybuilder/ fitness /gym /competitor

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  1. Hello ladies and everyone that read my story, it has been a while since I have been able to get back on this site to tell you all my n going story.. I am just touching base and will write everything that has happened , im lucky to be alive today writing this..I do hope all of you have been well ..sadly my boobs are no way near what they were like even before the revision..those brazilian implants nearly KILLED ME.:( STORY TO BE CONTINUED !
  2. Hello Ladies been a long time since i have even been able to get on this computer to talk about my post experience, everything has changed on here..how do i go to my story posts , so that you all can hear what has been happening? Can anyone please help me on here? Its totally changed..oh and ladies i am so glad that your brazzilians have gone well xxx
  3. Hello Ladies thought i would get on and give an update , its now been 9 days since surgery and yesterday i saw my cs to check how i am going, he was more than pleased with the result, i dont have any more pain thank goodness , the round boobies are looking good, i can actually squeeze them there soft already , i just cant wait to get back into gym but i can do house work nothing heavy ..all in all im ever so grateful my cs fixed me , and didnt neglect me. Two days ago i recieved a letter from Rubeinsten after going to see him for an opinion , OMG i was horrified again..gee if i would have gone to him he would have made me look worse , goes to show that he didnt know how to fix my problem and was so cold and non caring..fffewwww my cs did an amazing job, dont know how some of these doctors are still doing this to women!!!!!!
  4. Im so happy it all went well for you Tyelco , glad recovery is going smooth, i am still recovering and its been nearly 7 days..big hugs xxxx
  5. Hi At Last glad you enjoyed reading that book Sussan Summers wrote about hormones, how long have you been menopausal? Its been nearly 5 years for me, and luckily i stubbled across this american woman , i was a mess before that,a normal gp nearly killed me, mind you i was still on the pill, not knowing why my hair was thining. my skin going scaly he just preciribed a HRT one pill fits all and put me on my way to my GRAVE!!!! YEP one week later 11kilos extra i looked 8 months pregnant and felt suicidal..luckily the chemist at the time stopped me from taking that dangerous pill .SHOULD BE BANNED!! Sorry i cant agree with one pill can fit all woman we are all difrent and how can this so called HRT tablet suit us all?????? Anyway just the thought puts me at rage, some doctors should NOT be practising..oh the one that nearly killed me is now BANNED!! So luckily for me i saw this older woman full oh hair looking vibrant, i had to ask her..if she was going threw menopause..wow did she set me straight..got me to read that book, i found a compound pharmacy, threw them i found an anti aging Doctor who specializes in menoupause , how to do it naturally and stay , feel young putting back into the body what was declining..WE DO NOT HAVE TO SUFFER..WE CAN GO THREW IT EASILY, NO HOT FLUSHES, NO decrease sex drive, in fact mine is so high im on heat LOL hahahhahaha..OMG i better go rest , 4 days post op and im writing away..feel free to ask questions ladies will be happy to HELP!!! STAY YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL..la vitta BELLA!!!!! xxoxooxxooxoxo oops excuse mistakes still recovering
  6. Hi Ladies thank you so much for all your kind recovery wishes and words, its now 4 days after surgery and although my energy is not the best, all i have been doing is just recovering resting , i cant help but keep going to look at my boobies checking to make sure that they are healing ok, so far all looks good except for lots of itching on the sides and just under my boobs, feels like the stitches ..i JUST WANT TO SCRATCH THEM, but my Cm tells me this could be just inflamation on the stiches but looking at them , i couldnt be happier!!!! YAY to see nice round boobs, no more hard sharp edges sticking up..im still in LA La Land..was that all a bad last dream last 4 months?? Must admit i did have a sooky yesterday very emotional, its been over 4 months i have been dealing with all this..SO CANT WAIT TO BE ALL WELL!! THANK YOU ALL AGAIN means so much having support..im seeing my cm on Tuesday will keep you all up to date..HUGS!!!! xxooxoxoox
  7. THANK YOU donatella...no more bazzies yay NEVER AGAIN....smooth soft boobies yip yip horrayyyyyyyyyy!!!! :)
  8. Hellooooooo all you wonderful amazing ladies..i am finally able to get on my laptop and let you all know my experience of the brazilian implants removal on Monday ..WOW OMG were do i start..firstly i woke at 5am so nervous and knew it was going to be a 40 min taxi drive into the day surgery..the sun was out , i did write a positive afirmation before i left home ..THAT ALL WILL BE GOOD..well, upon arriving i was early no one was there , gave me a chance to breathe look around at this modern new complex, didnt look like a place they did any surgery which was pleasant to see..then finally a lovely woman comes up the stairs already knowing who i am, grabbing my hand and letting me in..Ok heart starting beating faster..then the Anesthisetics came by..another lovely woman who greeted me.. she went to change meanwhile another nurse came by took my hand and said, lets go fill out some papers and get you ready...OMG i think by this time anybody could have heard my heart beating, i was so scared!! scared of how these brazzies were going to come out ???? she took my blood preasure and it was high , she said not to panick its beacuse i was ever so nervous...Ok all qusetions filled out..it was time to get into my sexy gown and wait for my surgeoun to come and see me..it felt like forever , so then he comes in holding the boxes of my new round mentor 550 silicon smooth implants, looks at me knowing how scared i felt, he then explained EVERYTHING TO ME IN FULL DETAIL not leaving anything out , and what i liked most is that he felt CONFIDENT this wont be difficult either way if the polythene had adherd around the pocket or not, he had plans..THAT WAS GOOD TO KNOW..he was so caring i could see the genuine look in his eyes, that he NEVER meant the Brazzies to go wrong nor want to see me in anymore pain, he wanted to FIX ME!!! NOW The time to get into theatre..woahhhhhhhh was i soooooo scared, my doc did a few markers on my breasts then they layed me down, i kept talking and yapping while the Anesthestics was giving me a prick..lol i hardly felt anything i was busy still talking to my surgeoun..all of a sudden i was hearing her lull me a kind soft voice..almost like music..and me still going making sure my last words were spoken...NEXT THING I REMEMBER was nurses all around me, calling my name, saying all went well , i have beautiful breasts..was i hearing things?? Was i dreaming?? I was coming in and out like a dream..finally ..OUCH PAIN...Sharp pain..They quickly put something in my drip , as i was coming back the pain started easing..DESPERATE to try see if i had breasts looking down ..as much as i could i kept hearing..EVERYTHING went well, the brazzies came out easily , you look wonderful..Ok , took me a little while i wasnt as bad as the fisrt revision 4 months ago i was starting to feel ok..THEN MY DOC came in to see me, he explained FIRSTLY with a giggle i needed much more anesthetic to knock me out as i wouldnt go under, they all were suprised how i possibly could have not been under LOL..goes to show how strong the mind can be ey.. So my doc then told me what happend.the brazzies took to my middle chest but NOT MY SIDES, hence why they kept lifting in the middle causing me lots pain, he removed them easily leaving what he could on the side pockets to stich up the and put extra support so my smooth implants wont move to my armpits..Oh ladies i CANNOT TELL YOU HOW HAPPY I ALREADY AM!!!! he put in drain tubes and they came out yesterday i didnt drain too much, but the result already LOOKS and feels good. i dont have that PAIN in my middle chest or feeling lumps like hard edges..I NOW HAVE MY ROUND BEAUTIFUL BOOBIES BACK YAYYYYYYYYY..Ok im still under medication, on Targin with nausea tablets, the nurse just called me now again to check up on me , all in all the SURGERY WENT WELL!!!! i am feeling so much more positive,the best part is that my boobies already feel soft, nice and round..i got tears of JOY..writing this...i couldnt wait to tell you all, but as i cant write this on my iphone as soon as i felt comfortable enough im now writing... GOOD NEWS!!! Love my cs he proved his not an ass and did fix me, his a good doc and honestly does care that i get back on track!!! Ok i better go rest up, sorry for raving on so much..im just so HAPPY IT WORKED OUT!! ( excuse any spell mistakes still wobbly lol)..........LOVE TO YOU ALL..YAYYYYYYY!!!! XOXOXOXO
  9. OMG LADIES I am 51 and to be honest i did freak going onto the big 50 BUT i have never looked better..well since before i just got this revision 4 months ago , thats the only thing that set me backwards, but getting it fixed tomorow morning..eekkkkk , i just want to explain that if its 30..40 or 50 it really is up to you, we all like to keep looking good and feeling good..its how you eat and excersise ..age is just a number dont freak out, if anyone should ..ITS ME , well im freaking out about surgery in the morning ... guess thats normal ..i have always been into fitness , have eaten clean most people cannot pick my age..i get 20+ year old guys asking me out LOL hahahaha..nervous laugh, but i feel like my body is more toned now than when i was 20 go figure?? So even tho it is normal to freak about age ..KEEP UP A 20 min walk a day , 3 times a week , drink lots water and you can look amazing ...also the menopause haha oh gee thats another story, if you do it the natural way like i have you have nothing to worry about you can still feel like a 25 year old , i can explain more on how i did it later on..oh just so you can all learn a bit more on hormones, look up a book by Susan Summers..BEST READ EVER she explains everything about menopause and how we can still look and feel amazing..gee this topic made me relax a bit so THANK YOU ALL ..Love and Light Xoxoxoxo
  10. Ok finally organized everything , made sure i did food shopping , got nausea tablets...OMG i think i need them now I AM SOOOOO NERVOUS i got stomach craps ,this must be normal, i didnt even feel like this 4 months ago???? My cs emailed me today to make sure i am ready for tomorow morning, been operated on first thing at 9.30 am ..Ladies i really appreciate the support but i didnt think i would be this anxious , maybe because i dont know whats happened inside with these brazzies, BUT one thing i will say is i CANNOT WAIT to be SET FREE OF THEM, to be released of the pain and feel of them off my chest slipping all over ..i want my nice round boobies back and to START LIVING LIFE back into my FITNESS..im just babling on sorry .....well i will bid you all a good bye for now and will be reporting with A GOOD UP DATE THAT ALL WENT WELL!!! CHAT SOON..I LOVE YOU ALL , STAY SAFE and HAPPY !! XOXOXOXOXO
  11. Oh ok Thanks so much Tyelco , i will go get some nausea tablets now, have already got panadein forte my gp gave me some of those..better to be prepared for Mondayas i am not staying over night it will be a day procedure...eekkkkkkkkk ..calm ..calm..calmmmmm lol. thanks again hun xxxxx
  12. I forgot to mention last time i was given targin for pain but it made me feel sick..wonder what i should get just in case?? No one has told me anything?? should i prepare and get some nausea tablets?? Sorry ladies im a little scared this time
  13. Thank you all for the kind words and support, i am so glad i found this forum..i dont feel so alone going in on Monday you have all given me the extra courage i sure need...Itsmyturn please please please ask all the questions i didnt know or was told about these brazzies, i know my story must have scared you, but i heard that on ladies having them first time it can work well, but best you know of ALL the RISKS envolved..wishing you lots luck too as your surgeoun EVERYTHING!!!!! xoxoxo
  14. Thank you so much donatella hun, i havent been able to get on my lap top to let you know, i was so pleased with how Dr Farrow was and how he didnt bag my cs, he actually said he is very good at putting round implants in so ....wow the nerves OMG i didnt feel like this when i was getting the revision 4 months ago, now i am so nervous but ever so glad FINALLY ..i have now seen 4 surgeouns all up and have done so much re search on breast Revision ..........anyway here goes...THANKS AGAIN ...count down!!!! xxxxx
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