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  1. Hi Kylie, i would really like to know more about the TT procedure you had with Dr Kourosh Tavakoli, i live in Melbourne and realize we have good surgeons here, however, Dr T has had many more reviews so i was hoping you could tell me a bit more about the procedure, how long was the recovery, and would you recoomend a TT.

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  2. Kylie1976

    Dr Tavakoli Breast Lift interstate patient

    Hi Lilly I had a Breast lift (lollypop scar) and implants with Dr Tavakoli. I am so happy with the results and the way my breast look. The scars have healed nicely and the procedure went very well with no problems. I highly recommend Dr Tavakoli from start to finish he is with you. He is honest and a true gentleman and I'm 100% happy with my Breast lift and implants and would 100% recommend Dr Tavakoli. I hope this helps you .I'll attach a photo for you as well .
  3. Kylie1976

    Mummy Makeover

    Hi I am new to this site . I wanted to share my mummy make over that I underwent with Dr Tavakoli. I underwent a mummy make over 5 months ago. It Consisted of a breast lift and a full abdominoplasty / tummy tuck. My plastic Surgeon was Dr Tavakoli . I chose Dr T for many reasons the first was because he is the best in the industry and he was also very honest and informative. I can not thank Dr T enough , He has restored my confidence in myself and my body . My breast look amazing and my tummy looks so flat and feels so nice and tight. Dr tavakoli was with me from start to finish and he was there when I woke up in recovery. I did everything Dr T said to do and took all my pain medication . The only mild pain was my tummy and it passed over time. The scares on my breasts and tummy are amazing for 5 months , they have faded so much and will continue to fade over time. Dr Tavakoli is the god of plastic surgery and also a true gentlemen. I can recommend him highly. I have booked in with Dr T In April for a Thigh Lift , Vaser Liposculpture, fat grafting to the buttock and face and a breast Augmentation. #loveDrT