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  1. I haven't been on this forum in a really long time it came up in my email so thought I would have a look and type in Ali Hussain's name it really effin pisses me off that all these poor girls have had a similar horrible experience as me I tried to warn people about him but got slammed for it with really nasty people commenting so didn't bother going back on I've had many people contact me outside of this forum with their horrible experiences also this asshole should be shut down!! I would just love all the girls that have had horrible experiences to get together and stop him from practicing even compensate for what he has done to us all I wouldn't even know were to go for this or if its even possible
  2. I have breast cancer run in my family a lot! I told him this. he still recommended overs he said its exactly the same detection under or over! I done a lot of research prior to seeing him and everything told me unders. I told him I wanted unders but he was adamant on overs no matter what I said. he also was adamant of 390cc I needed bigger. I am so unhappy I now have saggy breasts with no upper pole, stretch marks, bad scaring because I got infections and it took him 3 weeks to get back to me by that time it was too late he said they were fine yeah cause I had antibiotics but now the scars aren't. also my breasts don't cover the scars they are small they sit up out to the side bigger implants would of brought them in I can't even find any bra to give me cleavage I am so unhappy I cover them up more then before implants I just want them out. So now do you understand my frustration when people can sit on the other side of the fence trying to justify a surgeon that f$c&ed up and doesn't care because he already has the money and many more vulnerable patients oh and I know another girl locally that had a breast lift implants lipo and a tummy tuck by him and far out they were bad guess what he used 390cc over the muscle completely different anatomy to me she could pull her skin out so far they were like prunes. If he couldn't give me the results I originally wanted then don't take me on simple. I also had a consult with another surgeon with my before photos and they told me I had tuberous breasts so I would need a more complex surgery I don't know how he didn't pick that up obviously he's not qualified enough
  3. like I said before they ignore you don't return your calls or schedule appointments when they know your unhappy! Its been 6 months and i have called many times with no luck There is many more that are unhappy I have read a lot aren't you lucky that you haven't had any problems! I'm sure if you were in the same situation you would be upset to as the others are.
  4. I sent you a fr pagey I too had surgery through Ali Hussain and am disappointed once you have surgery they forget about you anyway I seen him once and called them not long ago to ask when I need to see him and they knew I was unhappy so they said they will contact me its been 6 months they don't give two shits he does 390cc over the muscle on everyone hate my boobs!
  5. Oh and one is bigger then the other just to top it off you can visibly tell if you look straight on one nipple higher then the other
  6. I have exactly the same problem they have no upper pole they are saggy and really small and far apart no bra will give me cleavage I am over 3 months po over the muscle 390cc mods I am more depressed about them then before as I spent all this money gained stretchmarks and have yucky scars and people are questioning me why they are still small
  7. I had one sticking out on the side too I just trimmed it it still sticks out a tiny bit but feels a lot better I thought all my stitches would have dissolved by now I am nearly 11 weeks
  8. I had a standard ba and I then read on this forum about tuberous breasts and I had every description of them before I had surgery I posted a question on real self and the surgeons said I had mild tuberous breasts and a standard ba would be fine I have 390cc round moderate profile over the muscle I feel that they sit low down and don't have much upper pole and sit out to the sides I wish they where bigger also they are really squishy now too I am 8 weeks po I would love to see other girls photos of their before and afters with a standard ba from having tuberous breasts
  9. In my po instructions I remember it saying something about not letting your partner suck on your nipples as the bacteria from their mouth can go through your nipples causing an infection in your breasts i am not sure of the time frame they arent allowed too i will have to go through them again your nipples are really sensitive after a BA so you don't really want them stimulating them for a while anyway
  10. I had the same problem I messaged dr Ali with a photo it took a while for him to get back to me i think 6 days but he did he made me go in straight away he said they where fine its my body's way of healing he trimmed the stitches and its gotten better since defintley send him a photo and explain whats going on you do not want an infection!
  11. I've had it twice the first time I didn't wake up for a really long time and the second for a ba. I told my anaesthesias this also my sisters and mum have reactions too so he was aware. they have all different types of ones and different dosages so he customised it to me. I ended up waking up hallucinating getting up out of the bed and walking around screaming crying yelling I had no recollection of that at all! i ended up waking up properly where I knew a few hrs later. they told me what I done I was so embarrassed still wondering what I was hallucinating about and I caused trauma to my breasts from doing that so I was in a lot of pain.
  12. Ds29


    Thank you I will make an app with my gp on Monday
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    Thanks I just Attatched the photo I thought I did before I sent my surgeon a message but no reply just wanted to see if its happened to anyone and if its normal
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