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    breast augmentation. looking to be a E or F cup
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    maybe dr cary kailis at bodyworx, perth
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    C cup. 178cm. 68 kilos
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  1. I want to book with dr Tony connell! Im going to get my gp ref tomorrow. I want big boobs but because I already have decent size boobs I'm hoping I can get tony to use bigger implants because im a c cup already. I really really really want to see him because everybody says he is perth best and his reputation is flawless but not sure if I can get what I want but fingers crossed for me hehe I want to go To around an e cup so I'm hoping he will say yes or I'll have to decide between the other two but it really want Tony
  2. Hehehe cosmetic ill come up with a question Have you had (or have) an addiction to caffeine
  3. Alana87

    Dr Eddy Dona???

    Feedback on dr Dona?
  4. Donatella is that u in ur pic? Where did you get ur boobs done? They look big (I mean that in a good way lol) that's wat i want mine to be like
  5. Thank u everybody IBR and lovelylily I sent u both friend requests. I hav been reading other stuff on here and now thinkin if I need a lift? If you have c cup or bigger sized boobs do you HAVE to to have a lift? i want them to look like lingerie model cleavage lol
  6. does tony connell ever do big sets? he seems to be highly rated and i thought about seeing him for so long because he is perths best but all comments seem to say he does natural so i never bothered looking into him more
  7. or other surgeons in australia ? I'm happy to go to another state in aus but not comfortable enough to go overseas. does it cost the same to have surg in sydney or melbourne or whereever as the same in perth? i just want to get the look i wanted for so long now so i am willing to go interstate
  8. Hi everybody I have been following forum for awhile and decided to join up finally and have enough money to have implants done (finally after all these years!) I am deciding between dr cary kailis and dr mark lee . I want to have bigggggggg boobs. please no judgement lol, i'm a c cup but want to be cup i think. i really like the fake round look instead of natural. it probably sounds weird because i know most women want to have natural breasts but i like the playboy look (as i call it lol) is it worth seeing both for a appointment or should i just see one? i have enough for surgery but don't have enough that i can keep spending hundreds for appointments to see lots of diff doctors
  9. Alana87

    Cary kailis??

    hi usplusthree not sure if you will see this because the post is a bit old but do you know what size she was before and after surgery? do they look good? i am looking at going to dr cary kailis because i also want large cc and enhanced look thank u
  10. does tci give big implants and "fake" looking? I'm a C cup but want to be an E or F like heidi montag did (sorry i know some people think this is too much but it is the look i like )
  11. oh wow is it really $15,000 oh no.. i want to have implants and have some money saved but not $15,000 lol. is it cheaper to go to Sydney or melbourne? i know lots of girls go to thailand but i'm not comfortable and would be too anxious so i want to stay in australia but perth sounds very expensive
  12. i'm in perth and looking at getting implants, i found this post really helpful thank you
  13. hi lovelylily. is that you in your photo ? can i add you please? I'm in perth too and want to have implants but haven't picked a surgeon yet but I'm thinking of dr cary kailis
  14. hi i have been following this forum for a few months and have chosen to sign up. Im 28 and my boobs are a c cup but nothing is wrong with them i just want bigger boobs lol. i really like the fake look and have wanted fake boobs since I was a teenager. my dream boobs are heidi montag when she had her bigger ones (i know lots of people thought they were over the top but thats the look i want) I've seen some other posts about dr cary kailis at bodyworx in perth, that he likes bigger boobs and is happy to give the fake look. i would like to be an e or maybe f cup are there any girls like me who had a c cup or close and went up to a e or f cup? and are there any cary kailis girls can share their experience with him and pics please? I'm hoping to book an appointment in with him in April. thank you
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