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    Sutherland Shire, Sydney
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    Breast Augmentaion - 375cc under the muscle, textured, extra high profile, Natrelle (Allergen) TSX silicone, rounds
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    Dr Zion Chan - surgery 30 July 2015
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    165cm 57kg 10B pre surgery. Now 10DD.

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  1. Here are mine 1st wk vs 6wks don't stress yet.
  2. I run and do lots of cardio and I got 375cc xhp whilst some days I wish I went slightly smaller they don't get in the way of my exercise.
  3. I am doing mostly everything, burpees, chest press (not super heavy) and pushups (not full range but getting there). I still don't like the feeling of pullups or any bar type work ie toes to bar but I wouldn't care too much if I couldn't do that anymore.. I am just over 7 months PO.
  4. If you signed it right before surgery it is not worth the paper it is written on as it was signed under duress without legal advice.
  5. My Chiro had to adjust me differently in the early stages but after six months I think it was all good to adjust normally.
  6. It's your body getting rid of all of the drugs from the operation and pain meds out of your body. I had it too, nothing to be worried about xo
  7. For the first few weeks I felt awful without a bra like they were super heavy. Still was a tad weird for a few months but now 6 months post op and feel totally normal without a bra.
  8. Victoria secret have the best sports bra crops with underwire.
  9. I wouldn't worry.. Mone dropped super quick and haven't changed much since 6-8 weeks post op.
  10. I think the doc should fix free of charge. You obviously didn't request uneven boobs?
  11. I am 6 months post op and am still uncomfortable in strapless bras ?
  12. Yep it really depends on how much breast tissue you have to start with. Extra high profile on me looks quite natural as I was borderline lift but someone with little breast tissue may not achieve the same outcome. its important to discuss with your surgeon.
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