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  1. I've got 370cc smooth mod profile (Nagor brand's High Profile) under the muscle. They've got 4cm projection and 12.6cm width. They suit my body perfectly. Wouldn't change a thing. I'm about 175cm and was a 12C, now I'm 12F. Sounds huge but they don't look like F's. Your 325-350cc would definitely give you the look you're after. Normally the mod profile would give you more side-boob and high profile more projection, but mod-plus is the best of both worlds. What has your surgeon suggested for you in order to achieve that look?
  2. Ohhhhh TheFox, you're wonderful xx Seriously, though, Mark Ashton is a genius. My request was for "proportion to my body, and just a teeny bit more". And that's precisely what I got. Mine are coming up on 12 months old and I'm still excited every time I see them in the mirror! And TheFox is right, the aftercare is fantastic. Definitely worth a consult. Haven't seen an unhappy customer of his on here at all. Mr **** on the other hand, I saw his nurse (you have a consult with her first) and wasn't impressed enough to book in to see him.
  3. I didn't start running properly until about 8 weeks cos even with a good sports bra it felt so strange... I was back in the gym from week 3 doing light upper body work, back to full strength (except chest isolating exercises) by 8-9 weeks. I reckon your vest will keep them safe :-)
  4. I'm in a very physical medical type job... Lots of lifting, carrying heavy bags, CPR, occasionally restraining combative patients etc. I took 5 weeks off but 4 would have been sufficient.
  5. It took several months for mine to feel like 'part of me'... I was very aware of the implant movement under the muscle initially - every time i used my arms i could feel my pecs flexing and it felt really weird, but now I don't notice it at all. It's a big change for your body so the unusual feeling is to be expected! Totally worth it though!
  6. I had my op in June and I still have numb patches... They're going away slowly! It took a good few months before I could feel my nipples again, the right one is still a little over-sensitive!
  7. Not all surgeons recommend massage for smooths... I've never massaged mine - my surgeon told me it wasn't necessary.
  8. Smooths have more movement than textured (which is why I chose them) but mine certainly don't move to the extent described by Devinerachel... I certainly don't look flat chested when lying flat, they only move a little bit to the sides. Smooth overs would move more than smooth dual plane/unders cos the muscles aren't holding the implant in place. TheFox - ask Mark to explain this to you - the way he described the movement of smooths v textured made perfect sense to me.
  9. TheFox - I have the round 370cc Nagor HP smooths... Can highly recommend them Same measurements - 4cm projection, 12.6cm width.
  10. I suggest that you forget about a particular size/cc and instead get on Google Image and start collecting pictures of your ideal result - take those to your consults and the surgeons will be able to suggest the right size/type/placement of implant to achieve the look you're after! If you put a 400cc implant into 5 different people you'll get 5 totally different results. I was a saggy 12c like you and 370cc implants made me a 12F.
  11. I reckon we have a similar pre-op shape - sad and empty bewbs, no upper pole volume - yours are a little bit more deflated but if you're looking at the same implants as me you will probably have similar results!! Even better potentially cos you're a similar height but a bit smaller than me so likely more side boob! I'm confident you'll get a great result!
  12. I was under the impression that the need for a lift depends on where your nipple is in comparison to your crease - if it's still above the crease no lift would be needed... Yours look like they are higher than the crease so you wouldn't need the lift - your implants would lift the nipple enough on their own? (If that makes sense?)
  13. Nicnac, often the difference between the two sizes he offers is the width only. I was choosing between 340, 370 and 410. The Nagor product catalogue showed me that they all had 4cm projection but the width differed about 1.5cm in total. Very small difference. Your choice would most likely be based upon your current breast width diameter. Congrats on choosing Mark! He's amazing!
  14. How exciting!! I'm so glad you liked him!
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