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  1. Thanks!! I think that starting with good symmetry helped a lot. Smooths are a little more mobile than textured which may have helped them settle a bit faster but I'm not 100% sure. I put it down to a skilled surgeon and the right implant choice! You must be excited!!

  2. accepted - go have a peep at my pics :-)

  3. Hey, sorry, I thought I'd clicked accept on your request. I'm super happy with them... They are everything I wanted. I can't fault anything about my experience with Mark Ashton - his staff, him, the hospital, my results... All fantastic. I have some pics on my profile you can check out. Good luck with your research!

  4. excellent choice I reckon!! they'll look fantastic! can't wait to hear how you go!!

  5. Holy crap! HOW EXCITED ARE YOU!! only a few days now!!

  6. re: the scars... mine were lumpy and hard to start with, remember your scars are still super fresh! you can probably feel the dissolvable stitches that haven't dissolved yet. I'm bio-oiling them every morning after my shower and they are definitely fading :-)

  7. I slept elevated cos my back hurts if I sleep flat on my back. Then i found I could sorta roll my legs to the side a bit and keep my upper body flat-ish which wasn't too bad on my back. Spent a couple of nights in my dad's comfy recliner too :-) I'm normally a side sleeper, not being able to sleep on my side meant I slept poorly and ended up exhausted and that made my pain tolerance a lot less than normal. How are you feeling?

  8. hey!! how are the new bewbs? hope your recovery is going smoothly :-)

  9. Good luck tomorrow, you're going to have a fantastic set of titteees! Can't wait to hear how you go :-)

  10. It's Micropore tape, brown/skin color, 1cm width :-)

  11. i wore the tape 24/7. changed it every 1-2 days. just a tip though - remove it BEFORE your shower, not after. i had sticky residue left on my skin if i pulled the tape off when it was wet and my skin got quite irritated. i would take mine off before my shower, then shower as normal making sure there was no soapy residue left near my incision and then dry completely, then put the new tape on. the tape you get given is only 1 cm wide and it's skin colored so it's not very obvious when you wear it! pretty sure my boobs have hit their final position now, i am so happy with them! they look so perfect!! they are still getting softer too :D congrats on saving all the money! it's worth every cent!

  12. I hate the free-boobing feeling so I wore a crop from cotton on that didn't provide much support - http://shop.cottonon.com/shop/product/yoga-crop-blue-tint/ and just made sure the band around the bottom wasn't rubbing on my incisions. My nipples were pretty hard most of the time and wearing the crop made them a little less obvious!! :-) I had my dressings removed at 1 week, then taped the incisions for another 4 weeks. They look great now, very neat and fading nicely! You must be getting excited now?!

  13. ahhhhh!! 11 days!! so close to amazing boobage!!

  14. Ohhhh I'm so excited for you!! It's so soon!! I almost wish I could go through the whole build-up-to-surgery thing again, it was such an exciting time! It sounds silly cos they're only boobs but it's changed my life - I carry myself different now and I feel so much better about myself on a whole :D I wasn't required to have any blood tests, unless you have some underlying health condition that could make anaesthetic dangerous, I don't think it's required in the case of elective surgery like this.

  15. I'll be honest, the drain tubes were fine (kinda of annoying hanging in front of me though) until she pulled them out... Grossest feeling ever, but only took a couple of seconds. So close to amazing boobage!!! :D :D :D

  16. i see u have Nagor's... Me too :D Mine were "installed" on June 7 this year. They are really squishy now, hopefully yours soften up just as much as mine! Hope u're healing well!

  17. Are you taking time off work? I took 5 weeks off, but my job was in the emergency services and occasionally very physical so I needed that time to recover fully... I resigned about 2 months ago and my cooshy (and better paying/better hours) desk job suits me just fine now (plus my boobage looks heaps better in nice office clothes than they did in uniform!). I reckon if I'd had my desk job at the time of my surgery, I would have been fine with 10-14 days off.

  18. Heyyyyy :) How exciting! It must feel so real now that you've chosen your size! Good choice by the way ;-) I've found that the Analise brand at Bras'n'Things are my favorites so far, they are the most comfy and very pretty/sexy too!! Plus they give great shape and cleavage :D It is a bit harder to find really nice stuff now, I got really bummed cos some of the Pleasure State stuff, which I always loved when I was smaller, is not as nice in the bigger cup sizes! The ones I've looked at are very full in the cup and I don't think they look that flattering on me... Although, I've only checked Pleasure State out at an outlet so far, I'll go check the full range at Myer before I give up on them altogether. I had some gorgeous Pleasure State stuff in the smaller sizes, but it's useless now!! Despite it being a bit harder to find nice stuff, I still wouldn't change a thing about the boobage!! LOVE them! .

  19. hey :D I'm doing well and the twins are fantabulous! I asked about massage and he said it wasn't necessary, but I'm not sure if that's just for my smooths or if he doesn't suggest it for any of his patients... Although I play with them enough to consider it 'massage' ;-) Counting down to November!! :D

  20. hehe thanks!!! I didn't want a "fake" look. Just wanted them to fit my height/body shape. I love the fake/obviously augmented look on others, it just wasn't right for me. my boyfriend's mum use to work with ****** so she's seen her share of boob jobs and she says if she didn't already know I'd done it, she'd never suspect it! But now it's your turn to count down! :D

  21. Thanks!! you'll be just as happy as I am, I'm sure of it :D Now the countdown begins!!!

  22. Hi there!! Just wanting to update you on my experience with Mark Ashton.... I'm 11 days post op now. I had a pretty rough time pain-wise over the first week or so but am managing much better now. Mark has done an amazing job, my boobs look sensational and I'm still in the early stages of healing. My boyfriend says he's coming to my next follow-up so he can shake Mark's hand because he thinks they look fantastic. My incisions are perfect, and will eventually be almost invisible provided I continue with the proper aftercare, and the size is perfect for the look that I wanted. My one week post-op check was on Thursday and everything is going fine, i'm not too swollen so no compression strap needed :D. My next check up is in another week, and then again in 4 weeks. Good luck with choosing your PS, but I can honestly say that this has been an amazing experience and I know that if I ever need a revision or decide to go bigger, I'm definitely going back to Mark.

  23. Hi again MissBonnie! I'm 11 days post op now... Had a pretty rough time for the first week or so with fairly severe pain but am managing a whole lot better now. Only taking endone once or twice a day now, usually first thing in the morning and maybe before bed if I'm really sore but otherwise just regular panadol and nurofen. Had my one week review on Thursday, everything is looking great, incisions are fine, don't need a compression strap or anything, just not allowed to wear any supportive bras... And they look amazing. Worst part at the moment is the super painful/sensitive nipples which are driving me insane but my PS did warn me about it... Wish it would go away already!! My boyfriend absolutely loves them, he says he wants to come to my next PS appointment and shake his hand. I LOL'd at that. Good luck with all of the final prep for your trip, it's not far off now!! It'll be here before you know it.

  24. Hi! Hoping u're recovering well! I'm having good and bad days, but my new boobs look amazing so it's all worth it. Your photos look fantastic. Congratulations!

  25. Thanks MissBonnie! Feeling a bit crapola at the moment, but I've got a great support network so I'll manage. Despite them being only 1 day old, super swollen, sore and tight, I'm in love with them! So glad it's done! No visible bruising yet but my rib age under my arms is super sore and my cleavage area is pretty damn sore too. My lefty is more painful than the right (unexpected cos I'm right handed and was told that my dominant side would most likely be more painful). Not needing any compression garments/straps yet but i've got my post-op appointment in one week and if they are too swollen by then, I'll have to wear something to compress them a bit. When are you booked in? And what are you wanting to get?

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