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  1. Oh wow ok.. Thanks ladies!! That puts my plans out about about tops/singlets Ill wear :/ haha. So you had to wear that racer back bra for the 6 weeks @MasieF ?
  2. Hey everyone! I'm booked in for my surgery with Dr Miroshnik on the 14th of January.. I'm going to go shopping before hand for comfy, easy to put on clothes for post surgery. I bought some long tightish singlet dresses ( From ICE, they have a wide enough strap to cover the bra ) which I can put on from my feet upwards. Can you not put on tops over your head because of not being able to move your arms?? I have no idea!! Is it best to get tshirts and loose tops to easily put on?? Did you always wear stuff to cover the compression bra you have to wear? How long was your movement constricted for? Any advice would be appreciated
  3. OMG Lucky Cat you hit the nail on the head!!!! I think Im going to quote you when I see Dr M before my surgery because thats exactly how Im feeling! haha @Candace Sorry I dont know if that tagged you, I'm booked it with Dr M on January the 14th! Its exciting talking to other ladies on here that have had their boobs done by him or are going to get them done
  4. Thanks everyone Sorry I'm so late at replying haha. @Emma_89 Ive just added you as a friend to ask you some questions if thats ok Your size and everything sounds exactly the same as me! Thanks so much for your help!
  5. Hey girls! I am looking to get my boobs done towards the end of this year / early 2016 and had already made up my mind about Dr. Miroshnik.. I live in Mackay NQ and I know with the travel and surgery it would be over $12k to get it done in Sydney with Dr. Miroshnik... Has anyone up this way gone with him and been glad about that decision? OR, are there any surgeons up this way you would recommend?! I was thinking of Dr. Gaffield... Any help or advice would be appreciated thanks!! ** I should add I am 24 and had very small boobs but after having my girl and bf for 2 weeks when I was 20, they have shivelled up to hardly anything! So, I am very particular about what I want and dont want to just go to anyone.. I thought Dr. Michael Miroshnik's before and after photos were amazing as he does the whole natural look..
  6. Hey ladies!! Im new to this forum... I am wanting to get my boobs done this year, and had decided on Dr Miroshnik. His before and afters on the instagram page are amazing!! He seems like the surgeon to go to for natural looking boobs, and especially if you have hardly any boobs like me. I had only just recently noticed that he does Anatomical implants ALOT. Does anyone know if this is all he does? From reading the chats on here and looking at round and anatomical implants, anatomical seem to be the way to go if I want natural looking boobs, and already have a small frame to start with. Ive also seen on the TCI instagram, they look like they do a decent job.. Whats everyones recommendations? I thought going with Dr. Miroshnik would be the way to go even though he would cost alot, compared to going through TCI which is alot cheaper.. My thoughts were, if I had any complications after surgery, I would be able to afford another $12k with Dr. Miroshnik!! Any help would be apprciated!!
  7. Hey girls!! Im new to this forum and this topic is so helpful as im thinking of getting my boobs done but only wanting 'some'. Im a sz 6-8, tall and flat as! I breastfed my girl 3 years ago for 2 weeks and it completely sucked the life out of them! haha. Hope you dont mind me sending some of you a friend request to look at before and after pics Im still learning what I want to get and who to go with.... X
  8. Hi girls! I'm brand new to this whole forum thing.. Does anyone know how to start up a thread? Ill pm some of you later if thats ok xx
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