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    dr fung 2/1/15
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  1. Have you seen this one? Maybe bigger than mine is a slight exaggeration but they're not far off lol.
  2. Just sayin.. ha. Bruce "caitlyn" jenner's new bust makes boob greed monster come back.. like why couldn't they get bigger ones in me? Lol. i understand they can't put large implants in tight busts so how did they get those in there??? maybe very successful hormone replacement therapy too?? I'm blown away lol. Hats off to caitlyn though! Looking good!
  3. The lady in the shop said "wow you're lucky.." i told her it had nothing to do with luck.. quite the opposite actually lol
  4. I bought new bathers the other day! So exciting.. one top is a little small, has underwire but any bigger and back would be too loose.. i have told bf he needs to be on nipple watch.. ha. Underwire is flattering for me as my boobs sit to the side a bit.. i also bought a high neck crop type.. no cleavage at all... this actually looks really flattering with my boobies and gives a nice shape to my body.. these will be activity bathers.. ha.. no danger of nip slip.. xx
  5. I think her pics are legit. Maybe photoshopped in some areas but they are pretty ginormous so makes sense that she has ample side boob. They do look lovely! I'd be showing your surgeon her pics for sure. You're prob already onto that though. Xx
  6. I wish my surgeon encouraged larger implants! Looking at other surgeries he's done and his attitude with me indicates he encourages natural looking more.. steered me away.from bigger..
  7. Oh chicka, i felt exactly the same! I was literally breaking down over it.. only thing that makes me feel better is my surgeon told me that i really could have only gone up 65cc extra.. prob wouldn't have made a huge difference. I have cried to my surgeon over my choices.. i too had a friend with implants that made me freak out on size.. she had 425cc..the night before my op i was actually enquiring about going smaller again! A revision is going to cost me the same.. i am going to wait til after kids now. To be honest the stressing out over it had decreased a lot with time and i really feel like at 3 months my implants projected more.. i think you still need to give it time. Hope you're ok xx
  8. Relax ladies. It feels like such a big deal to start with, then you get them and feel like they've always been there and like you're just like you're meant to be. Nice and in proportion. I did have a hard first 5 days recovery wise but then i was fine and the first few days are a very distant memory. Relax lovelies. You'll be so happy you did it and I'm sure you've all been dreaming of boobies for some time! As for ppl judging only jealous ones will.. nice and friendly cool supportive ladies will say "good on you." And "nice boobies". Haha. Xx
  9. I basically got told "tough titties.." and it was tough for my titties to accept.. sooo now i think it will come to me taking out a loan. Disappointing but what do you do.. i couldn't have gone much bigger to start anyway so not cs' s fault xx
  10. I had 390cc too and had back pain all the time. Nothing i couldn't live with. It settled though. I don't remember exactly when.. maybe at about 6 weeks.. xx
  11. Oh that's interesting.. only 535cc in textured. I think looking up stats is good. I never did and was only told by my cs post op. I would have filled out width a bit more if i had of known. I think mods will definitely give great sideboob! I think higher cc's in mods is also a good pick for bigger cc's. xhp can have a bit of a shelf effect. My cs showed me some pics and they kind of took on a cone appearance.. i will have to go xhp for my next if i want much bigger.. but don't want to look like a torpedo well torpedoes lol. Soooo confusing! I am sure a lift will push up too.
  12. I think the mods are beautifully full! They sit so nicely together with the extra diameter. I'd consider them but apparently my chest width is too small. Xx
  13. What shape do you want? Mods will look flatter. My gf has 550mods. She loves them but would have preferred high profile. Surgeon said she couldn't. If you're wanting perkiness then I'm not sure about mods... xhp will certainly give perk! xx
  14. 157cm 61kg currently, 390cc but unders sorru.. To be honest my cs told me biggest i could go to start was 445cc i only found that out after my opp though. I went with 390. Ask him to let you know size of your chest and diameter of implant. See what's even possible before you start thinking into it too much. Eg.each side of my chest is 12cm. My implant diameter is 11.3. If i want to go bigger than 445 i will need to go xh as volume projects out rather than adding diameter. Knowing the facts makes me think more rationally about my result . Also i changed my mind from overs to unders one week prior to opp. Based on all the research i did really..my cs agreed with my choice but i don't know how much of a difference it would have made. . xx
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