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  1. thought Id post an update on my d&f ? top photo is two weeks post op, bottom photo is 5 months!
  2. Hi, I was borderline lift and ended up only getting Implants with dr Ali. Im currently 5 months post op after getting 415cc xhp overs, went from a 10C to a 10F/G. Super happy with my results ?
  3. I was borderline and decided not to get the lift as I'm only 19 and would rather get the lift after I've had another baby. I was a deflated d I had 415cc extra high profile overs and now measure as 10f/g. Im almost 3 months post op and over the moon with how mine look. I dont go braless though as im too worried about the sagging.
  4. I wore my post op bra for the whole 6 weeks! Im now 9 weeks post op and extremely happy with my results!
  5. First photo is 2 days post op second photo is 5 weeks. 415cc XHP overs. Im hoping they fluff more, I have major boob greed haha
  6. I just saw my surgeon, he thinks the implant has moved because i did alot of walking the day that this happened and its caused a fluid build up, he wants me to ice my breast every hour for the next few days and rest up, then go back to see him next week
  7. I saw my gp and he thinks its just fluid build up, but i see my surgeon tomorrow just to make sure! Thanks everyone!
  8. Im 16 days post op, about 20 minutes ago my right boob suddenly got really tight and hard, and its so much bigger than it was before. It feels and looks like my boobs did the first few days post op. Could this be capsular constriction? What should i do. Its not hurting but it just feels really tight
  9. The E bra i tried on today felt a bit tight however the lady fitting me assured me it was the right size. I love big boobs and i was actually upset that my ps wouldnt let me go bigger than 415 but now that i have them i feel as though i look too top heavy and strange! i got extra high profile. Yeah i know, im so impatient!
  10. Thats reassuring to hear I hope mine stay the same too!
  11. Im currently 9 days post op and measuring a 10E im worried after they 'fluff' they're going to be way to big for my body (im only 161cm and 48kgs) how many cups did you girls go up when they "fluffed"?
  12. Im a mum of one, breastfed for 6 months. I went up to a 10f while breastfeeding and down to a deflated 10c/d I had my BA done on friday with Dr Ali at esteem cosmetic studio. I choose 415cc xhp overs and so happy with the results so far.
  13. How tight does my post op bra have to be? I had my surgery friday and woke up yesterday really bruised from my armpits, underneath my boobs and up into my cleavage. The bottom band of my bra is too tight on all the bruising and its really causing me alot of pain but im worried the next size up will be to big, i was a xs/s before surgery and im currently wearing a medium size post op bra but the shoulders dont fit, like theres a gap between the should strap and my actual shoulder when slouching, so would it be best to go and get a large and wear it until the bruising goes away or just try and push through with the medium?
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