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    BA in Phuket International Aesthetic Centre. 255cc mentor, moderate plus proflie, teardrop, dual plane. from a AA cup to a large C cup.
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    Dr Veerawat 14th January 2016

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  1. I had Dr Veerawat for my BA at PIAC in January. Hr was fantastic. A very soft spoken, gentle man, listens to what you want and works with you to get the results you're after. I'm 14 weeks PO now and I just love my boobs. He did such a great job. You can trust whatever he reccomends for you.
  2. Yep i have heard great things about the man they call Boobchai haha
  3. Moon Child


    Hi Meeks, I'm one week PO of having two implants (the screw part) placed in my front lower jaw. Long story short, I ended up with a superbug that infected my gums and ate away my jaw bone, so the teeth were so loose they had to come out. So I had 4 teeth out last Melbourne Cup day, and had been wearing a plate with the missing teeth on it ever since. Well a week ago I had two implants placed and the gum cut into flaps and stitched back over. I had the proceedure done under concious sedation, or a high dose of ativan. The clinic were really lovely, they gave me the meds and put me in a quiet room to drift off. I dont remember anything after that except being aware of a blue sheet over my eyes (surgical drape) and someone asking me to open wider. Next thing I knew, my dad was there to pick me up. I'm not going to lie, I'm in a world of pain. Possibly even worse than when I had my BA. I'm not sure if it seems worse because its in your skull/jaw area, but with my boobs I was kinda able to ignore it a bit. I guess it's kind if like a broken bone, in terms of healing, rather than soft tissue/muscle like boobs. All i know is at the moment I'm still too sore to wear my plate. And I wont be getting the crown parts for another three months. I'll update more as I start healing. Any questions fire away, I'll do my best to answer
  4. Um no, it's totally not ok to touch anyone without their permission, regardless if that person is your husband, wife, child or bestie. Now that the moment has passed, bringing it up may be a little awkward, however, if you feel like she is the sort of person who might try to do it again, and you don't want that then you need to have a conversation now, and set some boundaries. Something non confrontational, along the lines of "hey, when you did that the other day, I felt......, would you be willing to ask me first, before touching my body? " Feel free to chuck in something about them still healing and being sore/sensitive/uncomfortable etc.
  5. I got 255cc mod plus anatomicals. I am really happy with the size, I was super scared of ending up too big, as it is I have ended up a fraction bigger than the padded bras I used to wear.
  6. I had swelling in my sternum that lasted aaaagggeeees! It had gone down everywhere but there and i must have had it right up to week 8. I was convinced it was symmastia but eventually it went down. Keep and eye on it. It's an area that can take quite a beating during surgey, and its basically just bone and skin so it makes sense that it would take longer to go down than the rest.
  7. I totally love mine, i think the only thing i didn't know before surgery was that when it comes to firmness, that the anatomicals can feel a little firmer than the rounds. I only worked that iut afterwards. Saying that though, I think rounds would not have worked for me because i had absolutely no breast tissue and very thin skin, so the option i got was pretty much all that would work for me. They look fantastic and I love them regardless. I adore being able to go braless in clothes and live being in proportion!
  8. I had a BA in January with Dr Veerawat at PIAC. I am really really happy with my results. I was one if the first patients in the new wing of the hospital in Phuket, and it was so lovely, like a hotel with nurses! All the staff were brilliant, so professional, and Dr V was excellent. I cant reccomend PIAC enough.
  9. Hi ladies, for those of you that had subfascial, I'm curious, does the fascia move at all they way the muscle moves? Like when you flex your pec muscle, does the fascia tighten up or not? Does it just hang like skin?
  10. I saw the title of this thread and my mind saw a swiiming pool full of boobies! ? Anyway, swimming is awesome the first time, although a bit weird if you have numb boobs, it's like you can feel the water is cold, but not the direct shock to the nipples like you normally would. Enjoy!
  11. Hi girls, I'd be happy to come along depending on where and when.
  12. oh yes, the post birth instructions I had after my two were similar, but included sitting with an icepack in your undies, if you can stand it! And I took arnica for the swelling. Good luck! Hope the recovery is fast and easy.
  13. Hi JessR. It really depends on the kind of look you're going for, and how much preexisting breast tissue you have. If you want a more natural curve and are quite skinny or dont have much tissue to begin with, then unders are better. If you like the rounded top/more fake look then go overs, as the edge of the implant is easier to see. Also, bear gravity in mind. They say overs sag faster as they dont have the muscle to hold the implant in place, but when they do sag, it's a more natural sag, as the implant and breast tissue sag together, wheras with unders, the breast tissue sags while the implant stays put. But that could be years away, and you might be ready to upgrade by then.
  14. Don't forget that a large portion of the bloat is water weight, if you had an iv drip then they no doubt have pumped you full of saline! It sounds weird, but more water will help, your body uses that water to flush out any residue from the GA and the drugs you're taking. It will subside. Hooray for kidneys!
  15. Yes, depending on your stats you could well acheive the cup size you are looking at. I only had 255cc put in and have ended up a large C small D cup. Wait till the drop and fluff. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised . Hope you have a swift and fairly painfree recovery
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