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  1. I'm so glad you wrote that! Early days because I had such a bad recovery I was feeling very annoyed because I felt like everyone had sugar coated the recovery. I had almost everything you said, I was even regretting the whole procedure. I realise now that everyones so different so I guess recoveries can vary but I just wished someone had prepared me for just how bad it would be. I wish I read this before I went into my surgery. Post op day 15 now still pain but things are going better! I also think it's because I'm such a small person. just a question the nipple sensitivity has been driving me crazy ! how long does it last for before it stops? so painful!
  2. Hi Guys, I am two weeks post-op for my breast augmentation and my surgeon did not mention massaging the implants and I forgot to ask about it. Do I need to be massaging my breasts? I've heard mixed things could someone tell me why it's important to do or not important to do?
  3. I'm two weeks post OP and don't worry I was feeling exactly the same it took me about 8 days to start feeling better I was in tears and regretting my decision so badly. I had to wait an extra week than expected to go back to work I thought I wasn't recovering. Same deal with my boyfriend could even cuddle to make me feel better. I'm glad you're feeling a lot better. Just a question though, my surgeon did not mention massaging them and I've been stressing about it, do I need to do it?
  4. I went 275CC spent so much time stressing over 300CC and 275CC even though the difference is so small. I am two weeks post op so I haven't been sized yet but was told it would achieve a full C
  5. Hi Nikstar, i know this is an old post for you but i'm currently 6 days post OP and having this issue. How long did it take to go away and did you do anything that helped during this time? i know it's better than losing feeling but at the moment i'm kind of wishing i did, one is so sensitive it's hugeee
  6. I'm in the same boat I'm barely a 10A and I'm trying to decide between moderate profile 275CC and 300CC I'm worried one will be to small or the other to big I'm very small build
  7. Hi There, I am very serious about getting implants and the surgeon I am pretty sure im going to go with only does over the muscle implants. Has anyone got over the muscle implants and how do they look? also I am an A cup im learning towards getting a C cup but I have been told to go for a D. could people please help me with sharing there own stories regarding this. thank you
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